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Top 7 Most Famous BBNaija Housemates Of 2017 (Photos)

Here is a top seven ranking of the show’s most famous housemates. The housemates here were ranked according how much they are well known and how controversial they are. Brought to you by T.I.N Magazine


He was many’s favorite until he lost many fans after his continuous lie about him having no family. He was controversial in the house and even outside the house
An acclaimed choreographer, ThinTallTony performed at the opening of BBNaija’s first edition and has since expanded into acting, writing and poetry. He’s a self-confessed team player who believes in winning for all and celebrating good times. Many have said he looks like Chelsea Player, Diego Costa.


Known by many as a pervert but he’s apologized and took responsibility. Kemen makes the news every now and then after he was evicted for sexual harassment.
A ship manager turned fitness entrepreneur, Kemen is Port Harcourt’s most sought after personal trainer. He trusts in converting hurt into motivation and uses his life to inspire self-care through sustainable agriculture and self-care.


Even though she didn’t make the top 5 Gifty is well known by many, dusring her stay in the house she was the most famous housemate.
Schooled in Accra, Gifty returned to Lagos to make her dreams happen. She has acted and been featured in a few Nollywood monster hits. She says her mother is her inspiration and has taught her to handle people with grace.

4. Debbie Rise

She is basically loved for musical skills Debbie became many’s favorite after making the last five housemates. She also became more controversial with her relationship with Bassey. She is one of the well known housemates.


Bisola finished second after the end of the show so that explains why she would be known by many and of course she is popular for her ethics and talents.
Abisola Ayeola who was a contestant of the first edition of Project Fame West Africa in 2008 finished among the first five in the competition.
She is a voice-over artiste and one time TV host of Billboard Nigeria, which aired on silver bird television from 2011 to 2013.


She became famous towards ending of the show she is well loved and disliked by many but the fact remains she was very controversial in the house and she still is.
When she was in primary school boarding, she struggled with loneliness and making friends, often attracting the wrong crowd. Her dad was very strict and tough on her and her siblings but her mom was always soft spoken and sweet. She studied at the University of Lagos for nine months before going to Romania to complete her studies. She’s an occasional drinker.

1. EFE

Efe moved to Lagos because it is “where it all happens’’ and worked his way up to earn recognition. A graduate in Economics, he enjoys cooking and is confident his easy-flowing attitude helpde him win over Housemates’ plots.
Well, his popularity is way beyond explanation, the fact he actaully won the show with over half of total votes explains how well he’s loved and known.

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