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It is not all the time in Nigeria that one sets out for something and gets it as expected… so it’s rather refreshing to find entrepreneurs who are confident enough to build a business that will satisfy the typical doubtful customer’s expectations.
Meet Adegbe Ogbeh founder of Rydefit- a fitness studio for indoor cycling. Rydefit was born out of a love of spinning and inadequate spinning facilities. If you love fitness- a total effective body workout, then you will understand why inadequate spinning facilities posed a major challenge to Adegbe.

Rydefit opened to the public and had its first spinning class on the 14th of January 2017. With a mission to become the leading indoor cycling studio brand in Africa, they are living up to that goal as they are the largest indoor cycling studio in Nigeria offering ONLY indoor cycling/spinning classes by qualified instructors with well over 30 bikes and in a charged up, positive environment.

What is Spinning?
Spinning refers to indoor, group stationary cycling. The spinning bike is a specially designed stationary bicycle that is designed to mimic an outdoor bicycle ride. The bike has fixed gear-racing handlebars, pedals equipped with clips or cages and an adjustable bike seat. The intensity of your workout can be adjusted by manipulating the resistance knob, which is located on each spinning bicycle. It’s a fun way of working out and achieving your fitness goals as it is usually combined with great work out music.

Whom it’s for?
Spinning is great for people who want a motivating workout that they can control at their own pace. Even if you’re not into choreography-based fitness classes, you can still enjoy Spinning because it involves neither rhythm nor complex moves. It’s low-impact, so it’s very suitable for people who want to balance out higher-impact exercises (like running) or for people who have some joint problems.

Some benefits of Spinning
Spinning burns calories, improves cardio health, builds lean and defined legs, enhances mental strength amongst others. A seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist, Adegbe is positioning Rydefit to execute the first ever 24 hour spinning marathon in partnership with A.C.E charity to raise NI million naira and provide a solar solution for primary school libraries in Abuja, Nigeria.

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