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Tunbosun Ogundare

Education experts, entrepreneurs, analysts and administrators from around the world will converge on Iceland in June to discuss some pressing issues affecting modern education and training.

Conference organiser and CEO of the Berlin-based ICWE GmbH, Rebecca Stromeyer, said in an email press release, that the participants from diverse backgrounds would reflect on some fundamental questions on global education, as it struggles to cope with the impact of rapid technological change.

She noted that the two-day conference, holding in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland beginning from Thursday June 8 would provide answers to some salient issues bordering on global education.

She listed some of these questions to include “Who is shaping today’s digital learning agenda and why?”, “What will tomorrow’s learning experience be like?”, “What can we learn from the way our brains work about the best methods to engage learners?’, “How can technology make leadership development available to the masses, rather than just the elite?”, “In an age of disinformation and ‘fake news, how can we teach discernment and help students and citizens to distinguish truth from falsehood?”, among others.

Stromeyer disclosed that some controversial figures in global education including education writer Audrey Watters, who she said had been nicknamed “the Cassandra of Edtech” would lead the discussion at the forum.

She explained that the “MidSummit would be like no other conference in the education sector.

“That is why we call it a ‘thinkference’ because, while it’s a great opportunity for networking, it will be much more reflective than most conferences. People from all sorts of backgrounds, who have different approaches to problems, are going to tackle some of the biggest challenges for modern society and its education systems,” she concluded.

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