Actionable Feedback Policy

At Yohaig NG, we value the power of communication and the importance of informed public dialogue. We champion robust conversations among our content creators, readers, and senior team members of Yohaig NG.

Our dedication is to report the news, listen to our audience, act on their recommendations, address their grievances, and value their feedback. Our readers are our partners in building news narratives, resolving unanswered questions, shedding light on less-reported areas, and introducing us to various sources, specialists, and perspectives.

We firmly believe that as a news platform, we are responsible for connecting with our audience on contemporary values, issues, and ideas.

We understand the immense benefits that can be derived from such an interactive process. Actionable feedback may:

  • Enhance our coverage of a specific story or news area.
  • Assist in resolving questions raised by a story.
  • Aid in uncovering related matters or subjects that our audience, including diverse demographic segments, discusses or concerns.
  • Bring to light new and diverse sources and experts.

To achieve this, we have committed to engaging with our readers in several ways:

  1. Contact Us: Our website features a page listing all our editorial contributors and verified contact links. This ensures that our readers have clear and direct access to information, email addresses, and phone numbers, enabling them to ask questions or report complaints.
  2. Community Forum: We offer a dedicated channel to discuss Yohaig NG’s news coverage and agenda. This includes access to our official social media accounts, like Facebook, where readers can interact more casually with the Yohaig NG team.
  3. Complaints: We provide a dedicated complaints link/form, easily accessible from every Yohaig NG article page. This direct feedback system allows our users to report any errors, provide suggestions, or request adjustments for each article.
  4. Article Comments: We allow readers to comment on each article hosted on the relevant Channel. The Channel Manager moderates all comments. Yohaig NG reserves the right to edit or remove comments, messages, and content submitted by readers.
  5. Author Details: We connect verified author social profiles to their author pages on the Yohaig NG site, providing their contact information via a permanent social ID.
  6. User Feedback Stories: The direct feedback system, easily accessible from each Yohaig NG article page, is vital to our editorial standing. This system allows users to report errors, make suggestions or request adjustments for each article.
  7. Article Updates: We update articles based on audience feedback and comments.
  8. Audience Polls: We run public audience polls and publish the results to inform our product (new features) and editorial (new topics to be covered) decisions.
  9. Community Managers, Content Managers and Central Team: We provide the email contact information of key staff members on the platform when relevant and secure.

We take pride in prioritizing this level of openness, which is aligned with the nature of our open platform.


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