Bet9ja Casino Game Mahjong Mazzetti

Bet9ja is one of the world’s leading online gambling companies, with a wide range of games available to its customers. Among these is the casino game Mahjong Mazzetti, which is based on the traditional Chinese tile game Mahjong.

We’ll look at the game and explain how to play it in this post.

We’ll also discuss some of the best strategy tips for winning at Mahjong Mazzetti.

So if you’re looking to try your hand at this fun and challenging casino game, read on!

The Game

In the popular bet9ja casino game Mahjong Mazzetti, players must strategically bet on the tiles in their own hands against those held by the dealer. Each tile is divided into two or more segments, with players guessing that the value of their tiles will be equal to or greater than that of the dealer.

To win the bet, players need to correctly guess values for all of their tiles. Simple to learn but challenging to master, betting on Mahjong Mazzetti requires strategic thinking and keen observation skills.

And whether you’re playing online or on your mobile device, bet9ja is always just a tap away!

So why not give Mahjong Mazzetti a try today?

Who knows: you might be walking away as a bet9ja winner.

A single deck of tiles is used. Each deck consists of 3 suits.

Bet9ja Casino Game Mahjong Mazzetti 1

To Start the Game

Using the buttons at the bottom of the game screen, select the number of tiles you wish to play with (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) and click on the Start button. The game will default to 3 tiles.

How To Play

• Select your chip value by clicking on the chip of the value you require. You can choose from .05, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 250. By default, the 5 chip is selected.
• Place your chips on all but one of the available spots by clicking on them. Each click will place a chip of the selected value on the spot. You can place different chip values on different spots by selecting differing chip values. You can display the stake on a particular spot by hovering over it.
• Once you are happy with your staking selections, click on the bet button. The remaining tile will be allocated to the dealer and all cards will be turned over.

Note: All stacks on a particular round form under one slipID

Game Controls

Info: Click to view all betting amount limits.
Stacks (2, 3, 4): Click on each number to select that number of stacks to play with.
Deal: Once the game has loaded and stack amount has been selected, click to engage the game.
Bet: Once selections/stakes have been selected, click to engage the turn
Currency Symbol: Click to view the following buttons;
Clear: Click to clear all stakes/selections
Reset: Click to return to main game screen
Double: Click to redo the previous selections but at double the stake
Same bet: Click to redo the previous selections.
Casino Menu (represented as 4 squares): Click to return to the casino main menu.
Chips: Click to cycle through stake amount options.

Win or Lose

When the tiles have been turned over, the win or lose result of each tile appears above it. Any winnings will be credited to your account.
The payout for having a tile equal to the dealers tile value is half of your stake.
The payout for having a tile greater than the dealer’s tile value is your stake x 2.
Example 1: On the example below, the values shown on the middle and right tiles are greater than the value of the dealer’s tile, so the bet wins on both the middle and right tiles
Bet9ja Casino Game Mahjong Mazzetti 2

Example 2: In the example below, the value of the right tile is lower than the value of the dealer’s tile, but the value of the middle tile is higher. So the bet wins on the middle but loses on the right.

Bet9ja Casino Game Mahjong Mazzetti 3

Example 3: In the example below, the value of the right tile is equal to that of the dealer’s tile, and the value of the middle tile is higher. So the bet wins half the stake on the right and the stake x2 on the middle.

Bet9ja Casino Game Mahjong Mazzetti 4

Example 4: In the example below, the value of the middle and right tiles are lower than the dealer’s tile, so the bet loses on both the middle and right tiles.
Bet9ja Casino Game Mahjong Mazzetti 5

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Mahjong Mazzetti is an exciting casino game that can be enjoyed by players of all levels of experience. The simple rules and fast-paced gameplay make it the perfect choice for a quick break or evening out with friends. With big payouts available, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So why not give it a try today?

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How to Get Bet9ja Old Mobile App Version – It is no longer news that the famous betting company, Bet9ja, has a new mobile app. While the new app comes with many features that are not available on the old app, some Nigerian punters still prefer to use the old version. If you are one of those who prefer the old version of Bet9ja mobile, this article will show you how to access it.

The first thing you need to do is to visit the Bet9ja mobile site. Once on the site, scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘Old Mobile’ link. This will take you to the page where you can download the old Bet9ja mobile app.

You need to download the ‘Bet9jaOldMobile.apk’ file if you have an Android device. For iOS devices, you will need to download the ‘Bet9jaOldMobile.ipa’ file. Once you have downloaded the appropriate file, install it on your device, and you can use the old Bet9ja mobile app.

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