Bet9ja Registration

Bet9ja is the biggest sports betting website in Nigeria and the registration process is as easy as clicking on the Bet9ja registration form and filling out your personal details. It is free to create an account on Bet9JA. There will be a welcome bonus available for a maximum of ₦100,000. This is dependent on how much you are depositing into your account.

Bet9ja Registration Page
Bet9ja Registration Page

Here, we want to walk you through the process of registering at Bet9JA. Thankfully, Bet9JA registration is one of the simplest processes out of all of the registration processes for gambling sites, this is because Bet9JA has invested a lot of money in streamlining the registration for their customers.

Remember; there will be a welcome bonus when you sign up to a Bet9JA account. You may also be able to enjoy additional VIP bonuses once your Bet9JA registration has been completed, and these can arrive at any time after you have made your account.

Bet9ja FAQ for Registration

In the following sections, you will find out the answers to some of the biggest questions asked on Bet9JA.

The answers to these questions will guide you through the registration process on Bet9JA and teach you exactly how to make an account that you can start to play with as soon as possible.

If you have any problems creating an account on Bet9JA, or you have any problems with your Bet9JA account in general, then make sure that you get in touch with the customer support team for Bet9JA and they will be more than happy to help you out.

Let us walk you through how to do various things with the Bet9JA website.

1) How do I make an account on Bet9JA?

If you want to learn how to create a Bet9JA account, then just follow these instructions:

  • Start by heading to the home page for Bet9JA. The process to open an account is the same on Bet9ja mobile and desktop computers, and this means that you can follow the same guide on how to complete the registration process on Bet9JA.
  • You will need to click on the ‘Register’ link in the menu on the top right of the page.
  • You will need to enter all of your personal details.
  • Enter your date of birth. It is important that this is accurate, because you may be asked to verify it at some point.
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your full name. Again, this is going to need to be accurate because you may eventually be asked to verify this.
  • To take advantage of the currently active Bet9JA promotion code or welcome bonus, the code YOHAIG will need to be entered during the Bet9JA registration process.
  • Hit the ‘Continue’ button.
  • You will now need to enter your selected username and your selected password.
  • On the same page, you will need to enter the state you live in, which must be in Nigeria.
  • Enter your mobile number. This must be a valid mobile number.
  • To open an account and complete the registration process on Bet9JA hit the button to complete the creation of your account.

After this, you will need to check your email address. To open up your account on Bet9JA, you will need to collect the link in this welcome email and this will complete the registration process.

Bet9ja Registration Page
Bet9ja Registration Page

Remember; you can only create a Bet9JA account if you live in Nigeria. The site is not open to any other country, therefore, if you do not have an address in Nigeria, then you cannot be a member of Bet9JA.

Once you have created your account, there is no requirement to be in Nigeria when you use it. As long as you maintain an address in Nigeria, you can use the Bet9JA account anywhere in the world, if you want to.

In order to open an account, will get asked about your date of birth. It is important that you enter this correctly since you will only be able to gamble on Bet9JA if you have reached the age of 18 in the country.

Remember; before you complete your Bet9JA registration, you will need to read the terms and conditions of the website. You shouldn’t even try to open an account if you do not know exactly what is expected of you when it comes to registering on Bet9JA, particularly when it comes to the welcome bonus.

2) How can I check my Bet9ja account?

You can do this by going here –

If you check on your Bet9JA account, you can view all of the details that Bet9JA has on you. This can include:

  • Your email address. This can be updated to ensure that you will receive the latest information from Bet9JA, particularly if there is a new offer running for existing customers.
  • Your address details. It is important that this is kept ‘up to date’.
  • Any bets you currently have in progress.
  • Any bets that you may have placed and have been completed. This includes bets that you have won or lost.
  • Any deposits and withdrawals that you have made to and from your Bet9JA account

Remember; you will need to login to your account in order to check your details. You can check your account on both mobile and desktop computer devices.

3) How do I log into Bet9ja’s old mobile?

You can log into old Bet9ja mobile by visiting this link:

A lot of people prefer to use the mobile version of the website. This is because many people find it a little bit simpler to use, but do bear in mind that Bet9JA will no longer give that much information on how to use their old version of the website as they are starting to phase it out.

If you click on the various links on the old version of the Bet9JA website, they will take you to the old version of that link. If you complete the registration through Bet9JA, the welcome bonus will still be available for you.

Do bear in mind that there may be some features missing on the Bet9JA website if you use the old version and the old app. This is not something that will change.

The Bet9JA new website will always be the best place to register an account and play on. This will ensure that you always have access to the best mobile games, and learning how to use the site is going to be a whole lot easier for you.

4) How much can I make as a Bet9ja agent?

As an agent, you can make 20 per cent of the gross profit from your shop takings, and payouts are made every week.

If you wish to be a Bet9JA agent, you have to complete a rather in-depth process. This is designed to ensure that only the best candidates can be approved for a Bet9JA agent account.

You will need to complete this process if you want to have a Bet9JA agent account on the Bet9JA platform:

If you want to make money with Bet9JA but do not wish to become a Bet9JA agent, you are also able to sign up as an affiliate. There are several offers that you can promote this way, and you can make commissions through Bet9JA by promoting these offers on your website.

Note: the Bet9JA registration is different fro agents, affiliates, and general website users.

5) How can I fund my account with a recharge card?

You can fund your account with a recharge card by using Quickteller:

It s a simple process to get money into your account using a Quickteller research card. This information will guide you through the process of your first deposit:

  • Head to
  • Choose the payment option
  • Select BET9JA
  • Follow the guide to enter your Bet9JA account details
  • Type in the details of your recharge card
  • Complete the process

6) How do I fund my account using an ATM?

If you need to fund your Bet9JA account in other ways, you will be pleased to know that you can deposit on Bet9JA using your local ATM. All the information you need will be the bank details for Bet9JA and your account number.

You do not need to register your intention to deposit money into your account using an ATM. Once you have finished the process to register for an actual account on Bet9JA, you can deposit money using one of the many ATMs throughout Nigeria whenever you wish.

You have to pay a small convenience fee to use this method. You need to pay ₦100 plus 1.25% (maximum of ₦50) for all deposits. This is affordable, but to make the most of this feature, you will want to deposit the most amount of money that you can afford in the Bet9JA account and keep the deposits to the minimum.

To register a deposit using an ATM in Nigeria, you need to follow this process. Remember; as we said, you have to have your customer number to hand, and you will get this information once you have completed your registration on Bet9JA. Let’s guide you through the process of how to make a deposit of money to your Bet9JA account:

  • You must use a Quickteller or Interswitch account
  • Insert your card and enter your pin number at the ATM.
  • In the ATM, you will now need to click the option for ‘Quickteller’ or ‘Pay Bills’. This is a feature dependent on the brand of ATM that you are using.
  • To deposit into your account on the site, you will now need to select the type of account that you have.
  • The next page will now ask you to ‘Pay Merchant’ or ‘Others’. Once again, this will be dependent on the machine that you are using.
  • You should now insert the merchant number for Bet9JA and this is something you can only obtain on their website.
  • You can now enter your customer information.
  • You should finally enter the amount of money you want to load into your account.
  • You will get a confirmation that your money has been deposited into your account with the ATM. The money should be with the Bet9JA team instantly, and it should take no longer than a day to appear in your account.

If you want a picture reference on how to deposit money into your account using an ATM in Nigeria, then you can head to this link: You do not need to register to find out this information, but to complete the deposit into your account at Bet9JA, you will need to have a customer number and this is something that you can only obtain once you have made an account.

7) How do I check my booking number?

You can do so by going here then input the number into the box top right that says “Insert Booking Number“.

Press the green “LOAD” button.

You will not need to be logged in on Bet9JA if you want to check your booking number. The intention is to allow you to check any bets that you may have placed at Bet9JA retail stores.

If you are logged in your Bet9JA account and you want to check your booking number, then you can do this through your profile page. All the information that you need will be included on your profile page and you can check both your old and your new bets.

8) What happens if I have problems with Bet9ja Registration?

While the Bet9JA registration process has been designed to be as simple as possible, you may run into issues on occasion. These situations are rare, but it can happen.

Luckily for you, Bet9JA has the best customer support out of all online betting sites in Nigeria. You can contact them in several different ways, including:

  • Via direct message
  • On the telephone
  • Via mail

You can find the latest contact details for Bet9JA by heading to this link:

The direct message will be the best method to use if you have any sign up issues on Bet9JA. You should receive a response within 24-48 hours.


9) What should I do before I create a Bet9JA account?

There are not that many things you need to do to open an account on Bet9JA. Your main concern will be ensuring that you take advantage of any welcome bonus available on the platform.

We do suggest that you read through the terms and conditions when you make an account.

It is important that you read through all of the terms and conditions, this includes information for both the welcome bonus and general account information. You should also ensure that you read through all the terms and conditions for any particular bet types or games that you are gambling on, and that way you can be sure that you will understand what is expected of you.

10) Will Bet9JA email me further offers?

Many of the offers on Bet9JA have been designed for new players. However, when you sign up to Bet9JA and have learned how to play the games that you love the most, you may be emailed further offers and you can take advantage of them.

The offers will often be based around the games that you play the most, and you should check your email fairly regularly to see whether Bet9JA has emailed any further offers.

11) How to bet on events with Bet9JA

One of the main benefits of Bet9JA is that this is a brilliant site to bet on. Once you have an account on Bet9JA, then you will be pleased to know that it s a website that is known for the fantastic odds and the huge number of events that it offers.

Here, we want to guide you through the process of how to bet on events that catch your attention. When you sign up to the site, it is easy to place the bet.

Remember; you can view all bets for the various events without creating an account. However, if you want to enjoy the major benefit of Bet9JA and get some decent odds, then you will need to learn how to register for an account.

If you want to know how to register for an account, then read the first part of this FAQ. Once you have learned how to register and it s fully confirmed, then you can follow this process to bet on Bet9A:

  • Browse through the various bets on Bet9JA. Choose events that you know the most about if you want a quick tip on how to make a huge amount of profit with your bets.
  • Add all the bets you want to make to your betting slip
  • Click the ‘bet’ button on the betting slip when you are done.
  • For the bet to be placed, you will need to have money in your account. If you have gone through the how to register sections in this FAQ, then we have detailed various ways you can do this.
  • Once your bet has been placed, it s a case of just sitting back and hoping that you have won.

It s a quick and easy process to bet on Bet9JA and if you want to check on the bets of your account, you must be logged in. All bets that you place will be instantly paid out as it s an instant process.

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