Can I Withdraw 1000 From My Bet9ja Account?

When it comes to online betting, Bet9ja is one of the most popular platforms in Nigeria. With a wide variety of games and chances to win big, it’s easy to see why so many people love this site.

But what if you need to withdraw ₦1000 from your account?

Can you do that with ease?

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can make a withdrawal from Bet9ja, as well as some of the things you should keep in mind.

So read on for all the details!

Will Bet9ja Allow Me to Withdraw ₦1,000?

If you’re looking to withdraw funds from your Bet9ja account, you’ll need to ensure that you have at least ₦1,000 in your account balance.

This is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from an account. If you attempt to withdraw an amount less than this, you will receive an error message.

Withdrawing funds from your Bet9ja account is a quick and easy process. First, log in to your account and navigate the ‘withdrawal’ page.

From here, you’ll be able to enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Once you’ve entered the correct information, your withdrawal will be processed, and the funds will be transferred to your chosen bank account within a few hours.

Withdrawing large sums of money may take a little longer to process.

So, if you’re looking to withdraw ₦1,000 or more from your Bet9ja account, you’ll be able to do so without any problems.

Make sure you have the correct amount in your account balance before attempting a withdrawal.

Bet9ja Maximum Withdrawal Per Day

For each day, you can withdraw anywhere from N1,000 up to N9,999,999. All transactions are processed within the standard banking time frame of 2 working days or 24 hours.

Bet9ja Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is ₦1,000 per day.

Bet9ja Weekend Withdrawal

If you request a withdrawal at the weekend, it will be processed on Monday.

Can I Withdraw From Bet9ja To Palmpay?

Unfortunately, withdrawals can only be made to the verified bank account associated with your Palmpay account. There are no additional withdrawal options available.

Can I Withdraw From My Bet9ja Account To Any Bank Account?

Withdrawals from Bet9ja must be made using the same bank account used to deposit funds. There is no other way to get your hands on the cash.

How Long Does Bet9ja Withdrawal Take?

A withdrawal takes 24 banking hours to complete.

Can I Have Two Bet9ja Accounts?

A single account per customer is allowed. However, if a customer opens several accounts with the same or different names, Bet9ja has the right to terminate all of them.


If you would like to make a withdrawal from your Bet9ja account, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 1000 Naira.

Please remember that additional fees may be associated with withdrawing money, so please get in touch with Bet9ja customer service for more information.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy betting on sports with Bet9ja!

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