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Nairaland forum Naija news logo• Nairaland was created in 2005 by Seun Osewa, becoming one of the most popular websites in Nigeria and Africa.
• It is currently the 788th most frequently visited online website and the 6th most visited in Nigeria.
• Over 3 million unique users are currently active on the platform, and over 7 million topics have been discussed in their lifetime.
• Its popularity has primarily been attributed to its involvement with the Nigerian community and its openness to diverse opinions.
• Nairaland was hacked by Nigerian criminals in 2014 but recovered 75+% of lost data with backup servers.
• Seun Osewa owns Nairaland and is estimated to be worth around $5-25 million (US).
• The forum discusses politics, news, sports, culture, business, and life in general.

US Delegation Arrives Nigeria For Tinubu’s Inauguration (Photo)

United States of America Delegation Arrives Nigeria for Inauguration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu Welcome to Nigeria! We are excited to receive the delegation from @POTUS Biden, led by @SecFudge from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as they join us in Abuja for the inauguration of President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Luton Will Need To Spend $10M To Bring Their Kenilworth Rd Up To PL Standards

Luton will need to spend around $10M to bring their Kenilworth Road home up to Premier League standards. Luton Town have gone from non-league to the Premier League in just nine years 😮 -2014: Promoted to League 2-2018: Promoted to League 1-2019: Promoted to Championship-2023: Promoted to Premier League Source: NlfpmodSeunmynd44Lalasticlala

Buhari Has Set Traps For Tinubu – Shehu Sani

A former federal lawmaker, Shehu Sani, has said the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has set traps for the incoming successor, President-elect Bola Tinubu. He disclosed this while highlighting the failures of the outgoing administration. Sani, who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the 8th National Assembly, said Buhari wanted his regime to look …

Buhari Has Set Traps For Tinubu – Shehu Sani Read More »

“I Rejected Suitors” – 123-Year-Old Virgin Searching For Perfect Man (Video, Pix) An elderly woman, Theresa Nyirakajumba, appealed to people on social media to assist her in finding a male companion. In a video shared via YouTube, the old woman revealed that she has never been in a relationship with any man since she was born. Speaking to Afrimax English, she recounted how she turned down …

“I Rejected Suitors” – 123-Year-Old Virgin Searching For Perfect Man (Video, Pix) Read More »

President Buhari Failed Woefully – Singer Lagbaja

Nigerian legendary afrobeat singer, Lagbaja, has said that Nigeria’s outgoing President, Muhammadu Buhari failed woefully in his eight years administration, IGBERETV reports. In a video he shared on his Facebook page, Lagbaja used text and sound video to illustrate President Buhari’s performance. He captioned the video; “Muhammadu Buhari’s report card is out-11/10 (minus Eleven over …

President Buhari Failed Woefully – Singer Lagbaja Read More »

God Has Blessed My Family We Don’t Need Nigeria’s Wealth – Remi Tinubu During the Presidential inauguration Church service, The wife of Nigeria”s President – Elect Senator Oluremi Tinubu said that God has blessed her family and they don’t need the wealth of Nigeria to survive but to do the right thing. She went on to say that Nigeria”s wealth is the commonwealth for all, it belongs …

God Has Blessed My Family We Don’t Need Nigeria’s Wealth – Remi Tinubu Read More »

Kenya’s President, William Ruto Sends Delegate To Attend Tinubu’s Inauguration

Kenya’s President William Ruto is not traveling to Nigeria to attend the May 29 inauguration of the Nigeria’s President-elect Bola Asiwaju Tinubu. Instead, he has delegated Musalia Mudavadi—head of Cabinet—to represent him at the ceremony. No reason given for not attending.

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