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• Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a self-made Nigerian blogger, businesswoman, writer, entrepreneur, and former model.
• She attended the University of Lagos and founded her magazine, media company, and event planning agency.
• In 2006, she began blogging as a hobby before it went viral in 2010. Her blog now attracts millions of visitors each day.
• She is known for her contributions to African media, earning her awards, titles, and recognition from Forbes Magazine and the BBC.
• Her social networking platform had to be shut down due to a lack of editorial control while her TV station and online radio show were still active.
• Her main charitable project is the ‘I’d rather be self-made, no thanks’ foundation, which she started with 26K USD to help young women get involved in the business.
• Linda’s net worth is estimated at 40 million USD, and she has inspired countless young entrepreneurs with her success story.

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