Punch Newspaper

The PUNCH Naija newspaper is a leading Nigerian newspaper founded in 1971 by Sam Amuka (Columnist) and James Aboderin (Accountant).

It describes itself as the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria.

It is published in the English language and has a circulation of just over 80,000 copies.

The first edition of the Sunday paper came out in 1976, and after that, the partners began printing daily copies of the weekly paper.

They adopted a more friendly political approach to events reporting by combining social events with political issues.

They sustain themselves via advertising and by indulging into broad issues that appeal to a vast number of people all over Nigeria.

They cover politics news, sports news, business news, editorial news, education news, entertainment news & technology, family, sex and relationship, vox pop and health.


Who owns the Punch daily newspaper?

The PUNCH Nigeria newspaper is currently privately owned by the Aboderin family.

Where is the Punch Nigeria newspaper located?

The Punch news newspaper is located all over Nigeria in the following states: Abuja (FCT), Lagos state, Ekiti state, Adamawa state, Bayelsa state, Delta state, Akwa Ibom state, Abia state, Rivers state, Osun state, Imo state, Anambra state, Ondo state, Niger state, Benue state, Borno state, Kogi state, Kano state, Kaduna state, Plateau state, Kwara state, Oyo state, Enugu state, Cross river state & Edo state.

Their headquarters is at 1 Olu Aboderin Street, Onipetesi, P.M.B. 21204, Ikeja, Lagos state.

Phone number: +234 (1)7748081, (1)7748080, (1)7749329.

Who is the current editor of Sunday Punch?

The current Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of the newspaper is Ademola Osinubi.

What is the name of the first newspaper in Nigeria?

The first newspaper in Nigeria was called Iwe Irohin (1859), followed by the Daily Times of Nigeria (1925).