Fact-Checking Policy

At Yohaig NG, we consider accuracy, accountability, and impartiality the bedrock of our journalistic pursuits.

We strive to provide our audience with factual, thoroughly researched, and unbiased content.

Our fact-checking process is rigorous and consists of several stages to ensure the validity and credibility of our material.

Source Selection and Verification

We gather our data from trustworthy and respectable sources, which include acclaimed publications, educational institutions, expert interviews, and official bodies.

We make it a priority to use primary sources whenever feasible.

Before publishing any material, we validate the sources and the information to ascertain their accuracy and reliability.

Cross-Verification and Fact-Checking

We uphold the practice of cross-verifying details and information through multiple sources, allowing us to check for consistency and accuracy.

We validate statements, quotes, and data by consulting with subject-matter experts, official entities, and other pertinent sources.

Editorial Review

Every piece of content we produce undergoes review by our seasoned editors.

They ensure the information is factually accurate, grammatically sound, and aligns with our journalistic standards.

This is done by our Editor-in-chief and the two editors on our team, providing multiple layers of review to ensure accuracy.

Ensuring Accurate Headlines

We aim for 100% accuracy in our headlines and implement a rigorous screening process for every news piece on our site.

Speculative reports and rumours are explicitly marked as such to differentiate between substantiated information and industry chatter of interest to our readers.

Corrections and Updates

At Yohaig NG, we stand by the integrity of our content.

However, if a mistake is identified, we rectify it promptly and are transparent about the extent of the error.

Any question or query from a reader will be meticulously examined and validated before issuing a correction or clarification.

We frequently update our content to reflect new data or shifts in the narrative.

Context and Relevance

Yohaig NG is committed to providing context and relevance to illuminate why news matters to our audience.

As industry veterans, our editors and writers ensure every new article contains the latest, most accurate, and pertinent information.

As a source of original content, we adhere to the basic principles of journalism.

Clarity to Readers

We aim to make complex terms and statistics easy to understand for our readers.

If necessary, we provide proof against source documents.

We emphasize the significance of research and objectivity, as well as the clear presentation of an argument.

When putting forth a conclusion or theory, we consider and include relevant counter-arguments, enabling us to cover more possibilities and preemptively answer questions from readers.

Should you have any queries, corrections, or update requests, please reach us at [email protected].

By implementing these measures, we aspire to offer our readers accurate, current, and comprehensive information they can rely on.

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