Bet9Ja Casino Game Bollywood Nights

Bet9ja Casino Game Bollywood Nights

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bollywood Nights, the newest game at Bet9ja Casino! This exciting new game combines the best of both worlds – the glamour and excitement of Bollywood with the thrill of casino gaming.

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Players can spin the reels to enjoy stunning animations and graphics while potentially winning big cash prizes. So come on in and join the fun; start playing today!

Who knows, you could be our next big winner.

The Game

There are five reels in Bollywood Nights, including a bonus round, a big money prize, and an autoplay feature. Achieving winning combinations of icons throughout the game’s 20 pay lines is the game’s goal.

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In addition, you must match symbols on the wheel to gain bonus multipliers in the bonus round.

A random number generator has been certified to determine the reel symbols for each location since the reels are not standard sequential spinning reels.

How To Play

  • Select the number of coins you wish to bet on each pay line (default = 1) and each coin’s stake (default = 5.00) using the up and down arrows at the side. Alternatively, you can use the Min and Max buttons next to the ‘Coins’ field to set it to the minimum (1) or maximum (5)
    (Note: To see individual pay line illustrations, change the ‘Coins’ or ‘Stake’ selected, and they will be displayed on screen)
  • The total stake shows the full amount that will be staked on each spin and is Coins x Stake x Paylines.
  • Set your Auto Play (if any); this is the number of spins that will happen the next time you press ‘Spin’; this can be interrupted and can be any number from 1-1000

Quick Bets

Pressing the space bar will also cause the reels to spin. The reels will be turned with the same bet and coin value as your previous spin.

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Slot Machine Game Controls

BetID The current Bet ID is displayed once a bet has been placed. When viewing your bet history, your games are displayed under their associated Slip ID, the Bet ID rounded down to the nearest 100. For example, if your Bet ID were 1234567891101, the relevant Slip ID would be 1234567891100.
Lines & Payouts This table shows the possible win amounts and winning line formats for winning lines.
Speed This allows you to control the speed of the game. Click and drag the control to the left to slow or to the right to speed up.
Coins This field shows the number of coins you are about to bet. Click Max/Min to select the maximum/minimum amount of coins allowed. You may also use the Up/Down arrow button to make your selection.
Stake This field shows the value of your coins. Use the Up/Down arrow button to make your selection.
Total stake This field shows the total amount bet on a single reel spin (coins x lines x stake).
Auto Play The Auto Playfield allows consecutive reel spins. To spin once, set this field to 1. Use the control beside the Auto Playfield to specify consecutive spins or type the required number into the Auto Playfield.
Spin This button places your bet.
Stop When AutoPlay is in use, a Stop button is displayed. If you click on this button or press the Space Bar while Auto Play is running, the Auto Play function stops, and AutoPlay is reset to 1. This allows you to control Auto Play regardless of how many Auto Play gambles you initially selected or how many remain. In addition, only the wager for each play started or completed will be deducted from your balance.

Bonus Round

You can increase your winnings in the bonus round by spinning the wheel and multiplying the win. Each symbol on the wheel corresponds to a win multiplier value, e.g., ‘x 1’.

The minimum bonus win multiplier amount is 0.5.

The maximum bonus win multiplier amount is 4.

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So the win amount for each symbol achieved on the wheel will be your Total Stake x the individual win multiplier.

Icons and Paylines

  • Two or more FREE SPINS to win the free spins
  • WILD icons can substitute for any icon except FREE SPINS and BONUS to make up a winning combination
  • 5 WILD icons in a line to win the jackpot (note: you must be betting on the maximum lines and maximum coins to be eligible)
  • Four or more BONUS icons on four or more reels to qualify for the BONUS round
  • You can win on up to 20 different pay lines
  • The monetary payout for each individual pay-line is calculated by multiplying Coins x Stake x the odds payout value for the appropriate number of matched icons.
  • The monetary payout for Bonus wins is calculated by multiplying Total Stake x the odds payout value.
  • If there are multiple wins, the single win amounts are combined. In addition, bonus wins are added to pay line wins.
  • A ‘Push’ is a payout of the stake multiplied by the Coins value

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So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and give it a try today!

If you’re looking for a new and exciting casino game to play, be sure to check out Bollywood Nights at the Bet9ja Casino.

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This five-reel slot machine game is full of bonus rounds, jackpots, and autoplay options that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

So what are you waiting for?

Start spinning those reels today!

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