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Below I answer all the Bet9ja FAQs that People Also Ask.

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Is it legal in Nigeria?

Yes, it is entirely legal in Nigeria. The headquarters is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It was licensed to operate in several Nigerian states by the Lagos state lotteries board and Osun state. It is the most popular and user-friendly gambling site in all of Nigeria.

Can I play on Bet9ja in Ghana?

Yes, you’re able to play Bet9ja in Ghana. There is a boom in casinos and betting companies in Ghana, and it is likely to continue this way in the future too. It is due to the gaming commission of Ghana that legalized and regulated gambling companies throughout the country.

Can betting make me rich?

Several people have gotten rich by virtual betting by placing small bets on the beginner levels, and you might be able to as well.

Click on the higher bets, and the chances of higher returns will be optimized. However, it is not always guaranteed that you can get rich since there is a risk of losing.

Can your Bet9ja account be hacked?

It works through a very secure system, so it will not be unlikely that your account will ever get hacked. All data on the bet9ja server is protected using servers and firewalls, including a Thawte SSL encryption certificate that secures monetary and intellectual property on physical servers.

Can my Bet9ja bonus be withdrawn?

Yes, you can withdraw the bonus from your Bet9ja account after formally registering and logging into your account on the website if you’re wondering how to withdraw your bonus and click on the go to my account.

You must follow the bonus terms and conditions, which require waging the amount you received for your registration bonus at least ten times.

For example, if you bet on a game with your bonus for a few games. Say you bet on a game that wins; the winnings of your game will transfer to your balance.

You will see you need more games like that to keep winning. After your bonus has been through 10 games, you may then withdraw the bonus.

Do they count extra time?

Extra-time goals are counted on the final number. However, if any player is not playing a part in the tournament, it may be a void bet. The penalty and shootout goals don’t count, so you will see that the extra time will be unaccounted for in the payments on your account.

Do they have a Jackpot?

Yes, they do have a Jackpot. If you are wondering how to access it, click on the website directly and click on the go to my account.

You must register and log in before being eligible for the Jackpot.

You have to click on the bet to place your bet before the game closes to be eligible to win from the maximum Jackpot.

Do they have an official mobile app?

Yes, it does have an official Bet9ja mobile application. You will find a way to download the app so you can play on your phone anywhere.

You can download it through google play or click on the link on the official website.

The application is frequently updated to ensure everyone’s best user experience, so it is recommended that you update it before you use it.

Do they have cash out?

Yes, it has a cash-out system. You can collect from the amount you win before settling your future bets.

All you have to do is go on the site, click the Setlist cashout button, and click on the bet you wish to cash out. This is great to do if you are unsure that you have made a winning bet.

Do they pay to cut one?

Yes, they do pay cut one, but the payout all depends on the games’ outcome.

Do they pay on Sunday?

Yes, it does make payments on Sundays along with any other day throughout the week. However, this transaction will also depend on how your particular bank operates.

Sometimes, banks cannot make deposits to your account on a Sunday.

Rest assured, they do make payments from the site’s end.

Do they pay out on weekends?

If your balance is higher than the minimum and lower than the maximum, you can receive payouts on the weekend for a bet you have won.

Since they operate with a server online, they can release a deposit for the amount you won any day.

How do Bet9ja agents make money?

Bet9ja agents make their profits through commissions on your bet placed through betting shops.

There are a number of betting shops located all around the country, especially concentrated in the regions of Lagos and Abuja.

The range of the payment is often between the minimum of 2 to the maximum of 20 per cent of the winning bet. So the agents can make quite a bit of money/profit.

How does playing on Bet9ja work?

It operates through an online system where virtually simulated live betting games are available for you to bet on.

There are several betting options you want, and you bet on a match, and if the match is won, you will see the amount you win is higher than what you originally decided to bet.

The virtual games are live betting simulations of sporting events, so the names of real sports teams are used.

You bet on the winning team or the losing team. Within 5-10 minutes, it randomly decides which team will win and decides which bet will make money.

How does soccer zoom work?

Soccer zoom is, as you will see, a virtual soccer match where real names of real teams are used to play simulated games.

These teams can vary, and you will be given a host of options to choose from.

Each team also has a rating, which you can decide to make your bet on it. It randomly selects the winner or loser so that all bets you have placed have an almost equal chance of winning.

How does the bonus work?

Your bonus will be activated after you make your first deposit by registering your account.

You will find a bonus code through SMS once you put down your number on the login details.

Go to my account click on enter a bonus code, you will get an advantage in betting over games.

How is Bet9ja virtually programmed?

It is virtually programmed through a random mode of winning and losing. The most popular game is football, as it always has been, and its matches last between 5-10 minutes.

The results of each match are entirely simulated through a random selection performed on the system, so there is no reason to be concerned about cheating.

How much can Bet9ja pay?

According to the website, the minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 Naira. The maximum amount for withdrawal is 9,999,999 Naira.

You may be able to win any amount that is higher or lower than the maximum or the minimum.

However, the payments will only be made as low as the minimum and as high as the maximum.

How much does bet9ja make in a month?

It makes over $1 million a month in Lagos alone. However, they are licensed to operate in other parts of Nigeria as well. Thus, it can make over $3 million a month covering all Nigerian states

How much is bet9ja net worth?

While the owner is worth $100 million, the company itself is worth just under the same amount. The official net worth is not disclosed, but the projections keep it at around $100 million.

In Bet9ja, who wins the rest of the match?

The ‘rest of the match’ option of the betting options refers to the match starting from the time you click on the bet to place it in the game.

The scores here become 0-0, even if one team is winning.

So, no one wins the rest of the match because both the players in the game will become neutral, to do this makes it a void bet. There is no winner.

Is Bet9ja a profitable business?

In most cases, it does provide a very profitable venture. Many people use the platform in the business industry and for daily expenditures.

However, this all depends on how well you play the games and how smartly you place your bets.

Is Bet9ja a real and legit company?

They are a real and legit company with funding and investments from different firms. It is also legally recognized and licensed to operate in Nigeria. In fact, it is the 3rd most visited website in the country.

Is playing Bet9ja considered gambling?

Since its a betting application, it will technically be considered a gambling platform. Consequently, playing it will indeed be considered a kind of gambling.

What are their bonus terms and conditions?

If you go to my account, you will find the bonus terms and conditions. They state that all bonuses should be staked and settled at least thrice on odds of 3.0 or above within seven days of the date of crediting.

What are their email addresses and customer care numbers?

If you wish to make a claim, or you need to get general assistance, there are a number of customer care numbers you can call.

These numbers are 01-8889309 or 0-15158888 or 01-4405145 or 08099990939.
The email address is

What is it all about?

It is an online bookmaker company that offers virtual betting on major sporting events in Nigeria. The platform has games you bet on to earn money.

You will find the games you bet on are very entertaining for a simulation. The betting options are plenty.

The betting options give you the ability to bet on games with or without money.

You can decide to make your bet without money, but you’ll need to remember that there is no monetary compensation for your bet.

For example, you can also decide to make a bet that ends up winning, but you will not win any of the money.

What is soccer zoom?

Soccer zoom is a virtual soccer match that features all real teams and names but with entirely automated results. Soccer zoom games last for about 5 to 10 minutes, so you don t need to wait long to find out if the match is won.

What is the Bet9ja promotion code?

The Bet9ja promotion code is YOHAIG. You need to be registered to get this promo code as well as any others they offer. They will help you to get access to bonuses.

What is the user ID on Bet9ja?

When you register and log in, you will automatically be given a user ID. The user ID that you have can be found in the top right corner of the web page. The user ID will always be found to the top right of your screen when you wish to use it.

When did they start “Cash Out”?

They started the cashout system in December 2016. This option allows you to withdraw your money if you wish to put a bet on a game you aren’t sure you will win.

When do they give a bonus?

They give out bonuses within 24 hours. If you wish to deposit your money, your account will be credited with the bonus within the same day.

When do they payout?

They make their payouts throughout the week. As soon as you bet on winning teams, you will be given the option to cash out. There is no restriction on payout day, just the minimum and the maximum amount.

When were they established in Nigeria?

They were established on the 10th of April 2013 in Nigeria. Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname co-founded it.

Where is their head office in Abuja?

The head office in Abuja is located in Utako, Abuja. Plot 245 P.O.W. Mafemi crescent, Utako Abuja.
It also has several other locations throughout the region. These are primarily located in shops and shopping complexes.

Where is their head office in Ibadan?

The Ibadan head office is located in the Ajimututu shopping complex, around the corner of the 9 queen cinema. There are also various other locations around the city.

Where is their head office in Lagos state?

The head office in Lagos is located at the following address:
9 Funsho Williams Ave, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Where is their head office located in Port Harcourt?

The head office in Port Harcourt is located at 680 Ikwerre road, Umuibo 500102, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Which bank do they use?

It transfers all their money through the KC Gaming Networks Limited, which use their accounts on various banks to transfer money to winners.

Which is better: Bet9ja or Nairabet?

The site has a remarkably better user interface than Nairabet. It is a much easier platform to navigate to your account for payouts and for placing a bet.

Who is the owner of the Bet9ja company?

Kunle Soname, a Nigerian politician, entrepreneur, and sports enthusiast, owns it. He founded the company with a few people in 2013.

Who is their highest winner ever?

A 17-year-old boy won 43 million Naira through the Benue State Otukpo local government. Other winners include Saheed Oniloyi at 8 million Naira.

Why is their site not opening today?

The website is fully functional today. You can visit the website if and click on the following link:


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