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Bet9ja is one of the premier betting sites in Nigeria. People in Nigeria that love to gamble at an online casino will discover that Bet9ja has plenty of events to bet on, particularly when it comes to Premier League events.

Bet9Ja Mobile App

Bet9Ja is available online, although many people will connect to Bet9ja via their mobile app. People gamble ‘on the go’ when they connect to the best betting site in Nigeria on their mobile devices.

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The absolute joy of Bet9ja mobile is that players can place wagers on several different events.

This includes popular events for sports betting such as the Premier League, but there are also events such as table tennis and other events in Nigeria and beyond.

In addition to this, there is also an online casino available on Bet9ja, and this online casino offers plenty of games from the most talented game developers in the world.

Before a player is ready to place a wager using the best betting odds in Nigeria, they will need to download the Bet9ja mobile app.

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This app can be downloaded in Nigeria, or anywhere in the world when the player has a residence in Nigeria.

Why is betting with Bet9ja a good idea?

There are a lot of betting sites in Nigeria. Some of them are good, others not quite so much.

The wonderful thing about this website is the welcome bonus that one gets your hands on when registering.

This welcome bonus allows one to place bets on some Premier League games and other forms of sports betting with the minimum of risk.

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To get this welcome bonus use the Bet9ja Promotion Code “YOHAIG” in the “Promotion code (optional)” box.

Sports betting through Bet9ja is dead simple. Should one require, the best odds for sports betting or live betting, then this really is the best website to be on.

A lot of people choose Bet9ja because even though there are many Nigerian sites out there; it allows you to wager on the biggest selection of events to bet on. In fact, some events are only available on Bet9ja.

It isn’t just about the odds or the bonus, though. When one gambles with their app, one will be treating yourself to a company that has spent a lot of time catering to their mobile gamers.

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Everything can be done through their app in no more than a couple of clicks. This means live betting on Bet9ja, and should one need to withdraw money from the site, this is easy to do too.

Finally; this is a completely safe website to gamble at. They are at the top of the industry for a good reason.

When your wager with Bet9ja goes through, one can feel confident knowing that there will be no problems.

To place the bet is simple and, at the end of the day, should one win and want to withdraw the cash from your account, it is going to be dead simple to do.

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It won’t be long before this app becomes your ‘go-to’ app for betting with the most amazing sporting events out there.

Bet9ja old mobile for Android phones

Bet9ja can be installed on both new and old mobile Android phones. This app should constantly work, even if Android is updated.

One can install the Bet9ja app through the Bet9ja website, but one don t have to. The Google Play store will also have the betting app available.

No matter how one does it, the app is free to get your hands on and can be downloaded to a phone instantly.

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Bet9ja mobile app for iPhones

At the time of writing, Bet9ja has yet to develop a Bet9ja mobile app that allows you to use it on Apple phones. However, players will not be prevented from using Bet9ja mobile on their iPhones.

While there is no bet9ja mobile app on phones, the mobile website is perfectly functional for sports betting.

The mobile site allows one to place all of the bets’ one would normally be able to place through the android app and the desktop version of the website.

Nothing needs to be done to bet on bet9ja on your mobile device. Head to their website in Safari, and the mobile version of the website should automatically load.

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Bet9ja Mobile FAQs

One likely has a couple of brimming questions about using the Bet9ja website and for information on starting your sports betting on Bet9ja. These questions should, hopefully, answer everything that you’re looking to know about the platform.

What is Bet9ja mobile?

Bet9ja mobile will allow the player to bet on their phone. While one does not need the Bet9ja mobile app to browse the website from your mobile device, it makes your life a whole lot easier.

The whole purpose of the Bet9ja mobile app is to shrink the Bet9ja website down onto mobile devices and ensure that everything is still easy to use.

Accessing the desktop version of a site on a mobile device would be difficult, and it would often mean that one misclicked and cannot read certain parts of the website.

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Bet9Ja Old Mobile For Android
Bet9Ja Old Mobile For Android

At the time of writing, the only mobile app available for Bet9ja is for Android. Using an Apple device, then the only way one can do anything on Bet9ja is through the Safari web browser.

One can carry out your betting on Bet9ja in much the same way as one would through your mobile browser. One don t need to learn how to do anything new, and everything should be incredibly intuitive through their platform.

Why is Bet9ja mobile not working?

There are several reasons why Bet9ja mobile may not be working.

While the Bet9ja mobile app will work when it is ‘out of date’, this is something that may only happen for a short while. Eventually, if the mobile app is not kept ‘up to date’ it will fail to work.

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If one needs to retain access to Bet9ja mobile so that one could continue with your sports betting and live betting, then the app needs to be kept up to date.

In most cases, the app should update automatically, although should one find that it does not, one can install the updated version from the Bet9ja website.

In rare cases, the Bet9ja website may be down. If the app is not working, you can head to the main website of the Bet9ja company and see whether it is accessible.

If the Bet9ja website is down, then this would mean that the app will not work. This means that one needs to wait to play, but the site shouldn’t be down for too long, and most downtime issues should be resolved within the hour.

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If your app still doesn’t work, then you can get in touch with customer support on the Bet9ja website, and they will be more than happy to help you. They can also help you place a wager should you be having trouble with that.

How to create a Bet9ja mobile account?

To create a mobile account for Bet9ja mobile, you can accomplish this in two ways.

The first method is to head to their website. Bet9ja has a decent sign-up form on their website, and you only have to enter your personal details to register. The process is completed in a few minutes.

Bet9ja also allows you the ability to sign up to their website through the mobile app.

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No matter which options one chooses, both will allow access to the welcome bonus that the site is often running.

Make sure to familiarize with the terms and conditions that Bet9ja has put together for their welcome bonus, so you know what to expect.

Once you re done with the sign-up process, you can log in to your account using the details that you gave Bet9ja during the sign-up process.

How to access old Bet9ja mobile?

If you prefer the old version of the Bet9ja website, Bet9ja allows you access to the old version of the site still. To use the old version of the site, you will need to head to this link:

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This is the best way to access Bet9ja on the old version of the site. If you want to access the old version of the site via a mobile app, things are more difficult and will require you not to keep the mobile app up to date.

Remember; the old Bet9ja website can disappear at any time, and it may not always include the same features that the more modern version of the website includes.

How to withdraw from my Bet9ja mobile account?

One of the joys of betting on Bet9ja is that there are several ways to withdraw money from your account to your bank account or debit card. The withdrawal can be carried out on the mobile app.

It is worth noting that there are several ways to withdraw money from your account.

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Each of these withdrawal methods come with their own caveats in terms of minimum withdrawal and the speed that they take; therefore you should go through and find out which method is right for speed and the amount you re withdrawing from the account.

You can withdraw money on the Bet9ja app and the website for the company. The process will be the same.

To make a withdrawal follow these steps:

  • Login to your account using your user name and your password.
  • Click the ‘Bank’ button in the menu and then click on the ‘Withdrawal’ link.
  • Select the withdrawal option.
  • Please enter your details and make sure that they are correct to limit problems.
  • Select the amount you wish to withdraw and then confirm the withdrawal

While it may not be required, eventually Bet9ja will ask for ID information to be submitted. This is for confirmation that you re who you say that you re.

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Your money should land in your account within the stated amount of time. Sometimes there is a delay, and either your bank or the customer support team for Bet9ja (available on the mobile app) can help with this.

Remember; you cannot withdraw any winnings from a welcome bonus you have received on the website.

You need to play through the betting winnings several times from the bonus you have received at the website before it can be withdrawn from the website.

It is easy to withdraw money from a Bet9ja account. If there is any difficulty with the process, then there is customer support staff in place that can help to make the process a little bit easier to understand.

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Where can I download the Bet9ja mobile app?

The Bet9ja mobile app can be downloaded in several ways. Remember; Bet9ja is an Android-only app, and it cannot be downloaded onto Apple devices.

Head over to the Google Play store to install the Bet9ja mobile app. This is the simplest way to install the app to your phone or tablet computer as Google will ensure that it is kept ‘up to date’.

The alternative method is to head to the Bet9ja website on your phone. You can then install the app from the website by following these instructions:

  • Click the tab that says ‘mobile.’
  • Click either ‘casino’ or ‘sportsbook’ to begin the download for the app.
  • Click ‘install’ for any pop-ups that appear.

Unable to install the mobile app from Bet9ja, then you may need to change the security settings on your mobile device. Bet9ja is a completely safe website to use, so it is safe to do this.

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To change the security settings, you will need to follow these instructions:

  • Head to the security settings on your mobile
  • Select the option that will allow one to install apps from ‘unknown sources’.

By turning this on, one can download the mobile app with ease, even if you have an old mobile. If there are issues with your installation, the customer support team of Bet9ja can help you with this and help one to ensure that the right app is downloaded for your phone.

How to book a bet on Bet9ja mobile?

Betting on the top leagues, or even the lower leagues through Bet9ja mobile is simple. Both live betting and standard betting can be carried out through the same app, and your bonus can even be used in the same way.

If your bonus is available, then it will be highlighted when the betting takes place. If the bonus is not showing on the checkout for the bet, then there is a chance that this bet cannot be made with your bonus.

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These steps should make it simple to place your bet through Bet9ja and on the mobile device too.

Find Your Sport

One of the wonderful things about betting on Bet9ja is the wealth of leagues available, and this means that just about every event a person can imagine is there.

Your first step will be to activate your bonus if you have yet to do so.

You can go through the top bets on the site, and a lot of people do so. All of the most popular events are listed on the front page, and this may be a great place to start should you not be familiar with the world of betting, and there are some tremendous odds to be found here too.

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If you already have a bit of experience with betting and already have a league in mind to place bets on, then browse through the various events available.

All of these events can be found in the sidebar, and if there is a bonus available for any of these, that will be clearly highlighted.

Choose Your Bet

Once the event that you wish to bet on has been selected, you can start to track down the actual bet that you want to make.

This is going to be very much a personal decision, and you will likely have put a lot of effort into ensuring that one is making an informed bet.

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The markets available will be dependent on the sport, and some of the less bet on sports will have fewer betting options available.

As we said; Bet9ja will offer fantastic odds, but you will still want to compare them and ensure that one is making a bet that can deliver you a profit.

If one takes advantage of a bonus, then there may be minimum odds that you need to bet at, so you must read the terms and conditions of this bonus to know what they are.

There will be a small box that will allow one to enter the amount you wish to bet. Not using your Bet9ja bonus? Then you must have money sitting in your Bet9ja account before you place a bet.

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You can add as many bets as you want to your Bet9ja betting slip. Once you are ready to ‘checkout’, Just press the BET button that appears on the betting slip.

Completing Your Bets with Bet9ja

Once you are finished with betting on Bet9ja, hit that ‘Bet’ button. If there is not any money in your Bet9ja account, you will be asked to add the money to your account now.

If there is no money in your account on Bet9ja, and you need to add some, you should bear in mind that some methods of adding your money to your account may take a bit of time and this means that you may not be able to place the bets you want to now.

If everything is fine and there is money in your account, then the checkout can be completed.

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All that you need to do now is wait for the event to happen and, of course, make sure that you have your fingers crossed in the hope that you win!

Betting Live

Placing bets live will have a slightly different process, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to do, and there are plenty of events that you can start to dabble in live betting with.

When you are betting live, the odds will change as the event plays. This means that this type of betting is going to be a lot more strategic if you want to secure the best odds.

Not every event can be bet on live through the mobile app, and it will be clearly highlighted should live betting be in place.

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This is likely to only be available on the most popular events, and a few others that Bet9ja is looking to promote.

When you are betting life, you will be greeted with a page with all of the current odds. Placing the bet is much the same as placing a normal bet on the site, just with those odds changing.

You may be able to use your bonus with some of the live events available on Bet9ja, but not all of them will allow bonus betting.

Winning on Bet9ja and claiming your winnings

If you have won on Bet9ja, then the money will be added to your account.

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In most cases, the money should go into your account automatically and be available for withdrawal immediately; however, there are some events on Bet9ja that may take a little bit longer to go through, and it may take up to a day, but rest assured, that money will get there eventually.

Then winnings can be used to make any bet that you want on the sports betting part of Bet9ja and on the Bet9ja casino.

This is a great way to build up your bankroll and make a bit more money on the website.

If you have won money on the website and want to withdraw it, you can do that too.

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Remember; if you are taking advantage of a welcome bonus on Bet9ja and you have yet to reach the ‘minimum bet’ limits laid out in their teams and conditions, then the money cannot be withdrawn right now.

If you have won a bet and it hasn’t gone into your account after a day, then contact the Bet9ja customer support team.

They can go through the bet and try to work out what the problem is and help you to resolve it.

Bet9ja has the best betting odds on the market.

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