Nalda Boosts Lagos Poultry Farmers With Essential Resources1

NALDA Boosts Lagos Poultry Farmers with Essential Resources

The National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) has launched an initiative to bolster the poultry farming sector in Lagos State, empowering approximately 203 local farmers. This two-day program, part of President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda, provided participants with essential poultry farming inputs such as feeds, broiler chicks, and battery cages.

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The distribution event, held at Ijaiye Housing Estate, Agege, Lagos, was led by Prince Paul Ikonne, CEO of NALDA. He emphasized that the scheme aims to support the less privileged, reduce the importation of frozen chicken, and strengthen Nigeria’s foreign exchange. Each beneficiary received 24 broiler chicks, three bags of feed, a battery cage, and comprehensive training on broiler rearing.

The program, already executed in the FCT and Lagos, is set to extend to Abia and Cross River states. It focuses on engaging people, creating jobs, and improving livelihoods. The government’s vision is for beneficiaries to rear and sell the broilers, reinvest the profits, and sustain the cycle.

Ikonne highlighted the scheme’s inclusive approach, empowering grassroots communities. The initiative also aims to reduce the importation of frozen chicken, which is often considered less safe for consumption. NALDA’s Lagos State Administrator, Mr Ibrahim Babalola, explained that beneficiaries were selected from 15 local government areas in Lagos. He noted that NALDA would off-take the broilers after four weeks, ensuring a market for the farmers’ produce.

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Agricultural consultant Mr Tunde Momoh advised the beneficiaries to adhere strictly to the guidelines for rearing and managing broiler chicks. He emphasized the importance of a clean and cool environment for the birds, given their short life cycle and susceptibility to harsh conditions.

Beneficiaries expressed gratitude for the government’s support, noting the positive impact on their livelihoods amid challenging economic conditions. They called for continued support and capacity building to ensure the success of the project.


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NALDA’s recent initiative to empower poultry farmers in Lagos is a commendable step towards agricultural development and economic empowerment. By providing essential resources and training, the scheme not only aids individual farmers but also contributes to the broader goal of reducing Nigeria’s reliance on imported poultry products.

We believe this program is a vital component of Nigeria’s strategy to strengthen its agricultural sector. It addresses key issues such as job creation, food security, and foreign exchange conservation. By focusing on grassroots empowerment, NALDA is helping to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

However, the success of such initiatives hinges on continuous support and effective monitoring. The government must ensure that these programs are not just one-off interventions but part of a larger, ongoing effort to develop the agricultural sector. Regular follow-ups and capacity-building exercises are essential to help farmers overcome challenges and maximize their potential.

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Expanding this program to other states and diversifying into different agricultural sectors can further enhance its impact. Such expansion would create more job opportunities and contribute to a more self-sufficient national economy.

While NALDA’s initiative is a positive step, it should be part of a larger, more comprehensive strategy for agricultural development in Nigeria. Continuous support, expansion, and diversification are key to realizing the full potential of such empowerment schemes.

Did You Know?

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  • Poultry farming is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Nigerian agriculture, offering significant opportunities for employment and economic growth.
  • Nigeria has been working to reduce its dependence on imported poultry, which poses risks due to potential contamination and quality concerns.
  • Empowerment programs like NALDA’s not only provide immediate resources but also impart crucial skills and knowledge for sustainable farming practices.
  • The demand for poultry products in Nigeria is high, making it a lucrative sector for small-scale and commercial farmers.
  • Initiatives like these play a crucial role in achieving Nigeria’s goals of food security and economic diversification.




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