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Lagos Traders Rally For Market Approval At State Assembly1

Lagos Traders Rally for Market Approval at State Assembly

On Thursday, the members of the Orilowo Perishable Food Market Association protested at the Lagos State House of Assembly. They expressed their frustration over the delayed approval of their market’s location. Photographs from the protest showed the traders holding placards with various messages emphasizing their demand.

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The group seeks immediate authorization for the Orilowo Perishable Food Market at Plot 705 Adekunle Bus Stop, Ikorodu Road, in the Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area. Alex Omotehinse, President of the Centre for Human and Socio-Economic Rights, spearheaded the protest and insisted that the market be officially recognized and operate according to established rules and standards.

In a letter dated May 16, 2022, the association requested the Agboyi-Ketu LCDA for a designated site approval. However, the LCDA officials have not yet granted this approval, putting the traders’ business activities at risk. The protesters are now seeking the intervention of the Lagos State House of Assembly to resolve this issue.

A petition from the association to the Assembly expressed their commitment to supporting good governance in Lagos and highlighted the urgency of the Assembly’s intervention. They stressed that this intervention is crucial for alleviating the hardships of those dependent on the market, who might become vulnerable to social issues due to the disruption of their livelihoods.

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Addressing the association, the Majority Leader, Hon. Noheem Adams, requested more time for resolution. Before deciding, he emphasized the need to hear from all stakeholders, including the LCDA chairman.


The recent protest by the Orilowo Perishable Food Market Association at the Lagos State House of Assembly underscores a critical aspect of governance – the need to balance bureaucratic processes with the livelihoods of citizens. The traders’ plea to approve their market location is not just a request for a physical space; it’s a call for recognition and support for their means of survival.

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In a bustling city like Lagos, markets are not just commercial hubs but lifelines for many families. The delay in approving the Orilowo Market location represents more than an administrative hurdle; it symbolizes small businesses’ and traders’ struggles in navigating the complexities of government policies and procedures. The traders’ protest is a reminder that there are real people with real needs behind every policy or delay.

The situation calls for a responsive and empathetic approach from the government. Authorities must expedite processes that directly impact the livelihoods of citizens. The Assembly’s intervention in this matter should be swift and decisive, ensuring that the needs of the traders are met without unnecessary bureaucratic delays.

This scenario also highlights the importance of transparent and efficient communication between government bodies and the public. Establishing transparent, streamlined approval processes and promptly addressing public concerns can significantly reduce frustrations and build trust in governmental institutions.

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We stand with the traders in their quest for a fair and timely resolution. Their struggle reminds them of the broader responsibility of governance – to serve and support its citizens, especially those whose daily bread depends on such decisions.

Did You Know?

  1. Lagos State is Nigeria’s most populous city and a significant African financial centre.
  2. The Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area, where the proposed market is located, is known for its bustling local economy.
  3. Street markets are vital to Lagos’s economy, providing employment and livelihoods for thousands of residents.
  4. The concept of Local Council Development Areas in Lagos was created to facilitate more effective governance at the local level.
  5. Lagos State has a history of vibrant public protests, reflecting its citizens’ active engagement in governance and civic matters.


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