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Nigeria Partners With Chinese Firm For Steel Industry Revival1

Nigeria Partners with Chinese Firm for Steel Industry Revival

The Federal Government of Nigeria has initiated talks with Luan Steel Holding Group, a Chinese company, to establish a new steel plant in Nigeria and to start manufacturing military hardware at the Ajaokuta Steel Plant. This move is part of the government’s broader strategy to industrialize the nation through the steel sector.

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The initiative was a key topic during a visit to China by a Nigerian delegation, including the Minister of Steel Development, Shuaibu Audu; the Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru; and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Steel Development, Mary Ogbe. They toured the Luan Steel Holding Group facilities in the Hefei and Guangzhou regions of China.

Recently, the Mines ministry sought N35bn funding from financial institutions to revive the dormant Ajaokuta Steel Company, aiming to restart the light Steel Mill in Ajaokuta and begin iron rod production. Audu, in a statement, expressed that the trip to China is a crucial step towards revitalizing Nigeria’s steel industry, aligning with the current administration’s vision.

He emphasized that establishing an operational steel industry in Nigeria would attract significant foreign direct investments, boost the economy, and create numerous job opportunities. Additionally, the plan to produce military hardware at the Ajaokuta steel plant is seen as a strategic move to combat insecurity and terrorism.

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“We had significant discussions with the Chairman of Luan Steel Holding Group, Mr Wang Jianbing, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr Xiao Weizhan, and other senior Executives of the Luan Steel Holding Group,” Audu stated. He noted that Luan Steel Holding Group and other investors are interested in setting up a new Steel Plant in Nigeria and participating in the Ajaokuta Steel Plant for building military hardware.

Audu expressed optimism that commercial steel production in some government-owned entities in Nigeria would commence before the end of President Tinubu’s administration.


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The Federal Government’s partnership with Luan Steel Holding Group to revive Nigeria’s steel industry marks a significant leap towards economic diversification and industrialization. This collaboration is not just about building infrastructure; it’s about laying the foundation for a sustainable and self-reliant future.

The decision to focus on the steel industry is strategic, considering its potential to drive other sectors of the economy, from construction to manufacturing. The revival of the Ajaokuta Steel Plant, in particular, holds immense promise. It’s not just about reviving an industrial asset; it’s about reigniting a symbol of national pride and potential.

The plan to produce military hardware domestically is a bold step towards enhancing national security and reducing dependency on foreign arms. This move aligns with the broader vision of self-sufficiency and represents a significant stride in Nigeria’s journey towards technological advancement and defence autonomy.

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However, while we embrace this optimistic future, it is crucial to approach these ambitious projects with diligence and transparency. The success of such large-scale industrial endeavours hinges on effective management, technological expertise, and a commitment to sustainable practices. It is imperative that these projects not only contribute to economic growth but also adhere to environmental and social responsibility standards.

As we embark on this journey to revitalize our steel industry, let’s remember that the accurate measure of success will be in its ability to transform the lives of Nigerians, create jobs, and foster a more robust and diversified economy. This partnership with Luan Steel Holding Group is a step in the right direction, and we must ensure that it paves the way for a brighter, more prosperous Nigeria.

Did You Know?

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  1. The Ajaokuta Steel Plant, one of Africa’s largest steel mills, was conceived in 1979 but has remained largely incomplete.
  2. Nigeria is rich in iron ore, a primary raw material for steel production, ranking 12th in the world in iron ore deposits.
  3. The steel industry is critical for Nigeria’s industrialization and is linked to the construction, automotive, and machinery sectors.
  4. China is the world’s largest steel producer, and its expertise could be pivotal in reviving Nigeria’s steel sector.
  5. The successful operation of the Ajaokuta Steel Plant could significantly reduce Nigeria’s reliance on imported steel, which currently meets a large portion of the country’s demand.



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