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Ogun Fish Traders Rally Against Soaring Prices

Ogun Fish Traders Rally Against Soaring Prices

Fish sellers in Ogun State have taken their grievances to the Governor’s Office in Oke-Mosan, protesting the relentless surge in fish prices. Armed with placards, they voiced their plight, stating that the exorbitant costs have driven many into debt and out of business. Despite their peaceful demonstration, security personnel prevented them from entering the governor’s office.

Yohaig NG reports that this protest follows a similar one in Sagamu last week, where fish sellers lamented being forced out of business due to dwindling patronage and inflation, which has consumed their working capital.

The Chairman of the Fish and Seafood Sellers Association of Ogun State, Chief Onajobi Aremu, spoke to journalists, describing the dire situation for fish sellers and consumers alike. He cited the price of a carton of Mackerel, known locally as Titus, which has skyrocketed from N45,000 to N85,000, making a single Titus fish cost N2,000. Similarly, a carton of herring, referred to as ‘Sawa’, has jumped from N14,000 to N47,000.

Mrs. Adiat Omoowo, the leader of the Fish Sellers, Egba Division, expressed their desperation for the governor’s intervention, highlighting the unprecedented price hike from N4,000 to N85,000 for goods they previously purchased.

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The Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Adijat Adeleye-Oladapo, addressed the protesters, calling for patience and noting that the price hike in fish is a nationwide issue, requiring a comprehensive solution.


The distress signals sent by the fish sellers of Ogun State are indicative of a broader economic malaise that requires urgent attention. The skyrocketing prices of essential commodities like fish not only threaten the livelihoods of sellers but also impinge on the nutritional security of the populace.

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We stand with the fish sellers in their call for government intervention. The authorities must look beyond temporary fixes and address the underlying economic factors contributing to this crisis. The situation calls for a concerted effort to stabilize prices and ensure the affordability of basic food items for all citizens.

The government’s response must be swift and effective, ensuring that the fish sellers’ cries are not just heard but acted upon. It is a matter of preserving the economic fabric of the state and safeguarding the well-being of its residents.

Did You Know?

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  • Fish is a staple protein source in Nigeria, with significant nutritional and economic importance.
  • The fishing industry in Nigeria is a substantial part of the non-oil sector, contributing to food security and livelihoods.
  • Price fluctuations in the fish market can have a ripple effect on related industries, including transportation and retail.
  • Sustainable fishing practices are crucial for the long-term viability of fish stocks and price stability in the market.
  • The global fish trade is affected by various factors, including environmental changes, which can impact local markets like those in Ogun State.




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