Contractor Returns N30.6 Million Overpayment To Humanitarian Ministry1

Contractor Returns N30.6 Million Overpayment to Humanitarian Ministry

James Okwete, a longstanding contractor with the Federal Government, has returned N30,604,651.16 to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs following a double payment error for a contract completed under the tenure of the former Minister, Sadiya Umar-Farouq. The contract, valued at N35 million, was for the “Design and Development of N-Knowledge Training Manuals for N-Hardware Beneficiaries North-Central (Lot B17),” awarded on December 29, 2020, through Okwete’s company, Adatech Integrated Services Limited.

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The National Social Investment Programme identified the overpayment in April 2021, prompting a request for a refund to Adatech. Okwete acknowledged the overpayment and expressed his company’s intention to return the funds. By October 2021, Adatech had refunded the total sum, including a slight excess, to the National Social Investment Programme, as confirmed by a Remita payment document and the company’s bank statement.

This incident comes amid the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s investigations into alleged financial misappropriations within the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, implicating several high-ranking officials, including Umar-Farouq. The refund by Adatech highlights the ongoing scrutiny and efforts to rectify financial discrepancies within the ministry.


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The swift action taken by James Okwete and Adatech Integrated Services Limited in returning the erroneously doubled payment to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs is a commendable example of integrity and accountability in government contracting. In a climate where financial mismanagement and corruption allegations are rampant, such acts of honesty are noteworthy and set a positive precedent for other contractors and public officials.

This incident underscores the importance of rigorous financial oversight and transparency within government ministries and agencies. It also highlights the critical role of checks and balances in preventing and addressing financial errors. The ongoing investigations into alleged misappropriations within the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs further stress the need for stringent measures to safeguard public funds and ensure they are used as intended for the welfare of the populace.

As the government continues to navigate these challenges, it is imperative that all stakeholders, from contractors to ministry officials, uphold the highest standards of ethics and accountability. Doing so protects the nation’s resources and restores public trust in government operations. Let this instance serve as a reminder of the value of honesty and its impact on fostering a more transparent and responsible governance culture.

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Did You Know?

  • The National Social Investment Programme is a crucial initiative to address poverty and support vulnerable groups in Nigeria.
  • Financial mismanagement and corruption within public sectors can significantly hinder the effectiveness of government programs designed to aid those in need.
  • The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is crucial in investigating and prosecuting financial crimes to ensure accountability and integrity in Nigeria’s public and private sectors.
  • Implementing digital payment systems and rigorous auditing processes can help minimize errors and prevent fraud in government transactions.
  • Acts of integrity, such as voluntarily returning overpayments, contribute to building a culture of transparency and trust in public administration.


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