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Abuja Kidnapping Ring Dismantled By Police In Strategic Raid1

Abuja Kidnapping Ring Dismantled by Police in Strategic Raid

In a decisive operation, the Nigeria Police Force Intelligence Bureau’s Intelligence Response Team successfully neutralized several kidnappers, including the notorious kingpin Musa Wada-Magaji, known as Sabo, in Abuja’s Mpape area. The operation, which took place in the early hours of February 9, 2024, targeted the criminals’ hideouts, resulting in the elimination of the gang responsible for a series of kidnappings across the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and neighbouring states.

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Force Public Relations Officer ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi announced the operation’s success, noting that the raid was a response to the gang’s violent activities, including kidnappings for ransom in Mpape, Bwari, Kagarko in Kaduna, Masaka, and Nukun Village in Nasarawa State. The operation followed the recent neutralization of Sabo’s associate, Musa Wada, on February 8, which led authorities to the gang’s location.

During the confrontation, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, the police engaged the kidnappers in a fierce gun battle, inflicting fatal injuries on many of the bandits. In contrast, one police operative sustained bullet wounds. The raid not only disrupted the kidnappers’ operations but also destroyed their camps, marking a significant blow to kidnapping activities in the region.

Recovered from the hideout were mobile phones, multiple SIM cards, charms, and hard drugs, all of which are crucial for the ongoing investigation. The police force is determined to recover more arms and ammunition used by the gang in their criminal activities.

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This operation underscores the Nigeria Police Force’s commitment to combating crime and ensuring the safety and security of all citizens. The force continues to employ proactive measures to dismantle criminal networks and bring perpetrators of heinous crimes to justice.


The recent police operation in Abuja’s Mpape area, resulting in the dismantling of a notorious kidnapping ring, is a testament to the effectiveness of intelligence-led policing. The successful neutralization of Musa Wada-Magaji and his gang sends a solid message to criminal elements that law enforcement agencies are relentless in their pursuit of justice and the restoration of peace and security.

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This operation highlights the critical importance of intelligence gathering and inter-agency collaboration in addressing the complex challenge of kidnapping and banditry plaguing Nigeria. It also demonstrates the bravery and dedication of our police officers, who put their lives on the line to protect citizens and uphold the law.

However, the fight against kidnapping and banditry requires more than just police action; it demands a comprehensive approach that includes addressing the socio-economic factors that fuel these crimes. Investments in education, job creation, and community development are essential to provide viable alternatives to criminal activities.

As we commend the Nigeria Police Force for this significant achievement, we must also recognize the need for continued vigilance and support from the community. Public cooperation is crucial in providing the police with the information to prevent crimes and apprehend criminals.

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The battle against kidnapping and banditry is ongoing. Still, with concerted efforts from law enforcement, government, and the public, we can make significant strides towards a safer and more secure Nigeria.

Did You Know?

  • Mpape, located near the heart of Abuja, has been identified as a hotspot for criminal activities, including kidnapping.
  • The Intelligence Response Team (IRT) of the Nigeria Police Force is a specialized unit that responds to high-profile crimes nationwide.
  • Kidnapping for ransom has become a lucrative criminal enterprise in Nigeria, with victims often including wealthy individuals and public figures.
  • The use of charms and hard drugs by criminal gangs is believed to encourage them and reduce their fear of engaging in violent confrontations with law enforcement.
  • The Nigerian government and security forces have been working on various strategies to combat the rising tide of kidnapping and banditry, including the deployment of advanced technology and increased community policing efforts.


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