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Daring Police Operation Frees 58 Hostages from Kidnappers’ Lair

A successful joint operation conducted by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has rescued 58 kidnapped victims from the clutches of their captors in the Udulu Forest, Gegu LGA of Kogi State.

The operation also targeted other kidnappers’ hideouts in neighboring areas near the FCT.

SP Josephine Adeh, the Command’s spokesperson, reported that the kidnappers engaged the security forces in a fierce gun battle upon their arrival.

Despite their resistance, the kidnappers were overpowered and forced to flee, suffering various injuries and abandoning their hostages.

The joint operation, which included local vigilantes and hunters, was part of a more significant effort by the FCT Police Command to combat violent crimes, ensure the safe return of victims, and bring criminals to justice.

FCT Police Commissioner, CP Haruna Garba, emphasized the commitment to maintain security in the region and vowed to continue preventing further threats to the safety of the residents.

He also called for the community’s cooperation in being vigilant and providing valuable information to the police.

Tragically, one victim, Tama Jonathan, sustained fatal injuries during the rescue and was pronounced dead at the scene.

His body has been returned to his family for burial. The remaining 58 hostages receive medical care and will soon be reunited with their loved ones.

The CP has urged residents to remain alert and report suspicious activities via emergency contact numbers or the Public Complaint Bureau (PCB) desk.

Editorial Note: A Triumph Against Kidnappers, But More Needs to Be Done

The recent daring rescue of 58 kidnapped victims from a criminal den in the Udulu Forest is a testament to the tenacity and courage of the FCT Police Command and their partners.

However, while this success is commendable, it is vital to acknowledge the ongoing challenges of the kidnapping crisis and explore sustainable solutions to this grave problem.

The coordinated effort of security forces, vigilantes, and hunters demonstrates the importance of collaboration in fighting organized crime.

However, the government should consider enhancing support for security agencies, investing in advanced surveillance technology, and addressing social and economic issues contributing to criminal activities.

The public must remain vigilant and assist the police by providing information that could aid in dismantling these criminal networks.

The media must also play their part in raising awareness and fostering a culture of responsibility.

As a call to action, we urge the government and citizens to strengthen their resolve to tackle the kidnapping crisis.

Let this rescue operation be a turning point in the fight against these criminal elements, but let it also serve as a reminder that there is still much to be done to ensure the safety and security of our communities.


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