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Imo State Police Initiate Investigations into the Assassination of Traditional Ruler and Prime Minister

Imo State Police have commenced investigations into the brutal murders of Eze Victor Ijioma, the traditional ruler of the Orsu Obodo community in the Oguta council area, and the traditional Prime Minister of the Mgbele community. Both incidents occurred on Thursday and were carried out by unidentified gunmen.

The traditional ruler was fatally shot in his vehicle at the Izombo community within the council area, after which his body was set on fire. Similarly, the Prime Minister of the Mgbele community was killed in his town.

Speaking to reporters in Owerri on Friday, the Police Spokesperson in Imo, ASP Henry Okoye, disclosed that the Commissioner of Police, Mr Muhammed Barde, has established a team to pursue the gunmen currently on the run.

Okoye said security patrols had been stepped up in these regions to reassure the community members.

“Mr. Barde vehemently condemns these heinous murders and has charged security teams to apprehend the culprits. We are coordinating with the military, and we have escalated security presence in these areas with the aim to catch the murderers,” Okoye said.

Offering condolences to the bereaved families, Okoye added, “The Commissioner of Police sympathizes with the families of the slain community leaders and prays that God grants them the strength to endure these irreplaceable losses.”

These tragic events mark a grim trend, as the number of traditional rulers assassinated by gunmen in Imo recently has risen to four. Last November, five individuals, including Eze Ignitus Asor, the traditional ruler of the Obudi Agwa community in Oguta Local Government Area, were murdered when gunmen stormed the community. The victims were in a meeting when the gunmen attacked.

The assailants also targeted the neighbouring Mgbele community, killing a pregnant woman and a local security officer. Before Thursday’s assassinations, the traditional rulers of the Okwudor Autonomous Community and Ihebinowerre Autonomous Community in Njaba were also murdered during a meeting of traditional rulers and stakeholders.


Rising Security Threat: Investigating the Recent Killings in Imo State

The recent spate of assassinations of traditional rulers in Imo state highlights a disturbing rise in violence and a significant security threat. The brutal killings of Eze Victor Ijioma, the traditional ruler of the Orsu Obodo community, and the traditional Prime Minister of the Mgbele community, have sent shockwaves through these communities.

While investigations are ongoing and the police are striving to apprehend the perpetrators, this series of violent acts call for immediate action to restore security and maintain peace in the region. A strengthened and strategic security framework is necessary to ensure the safety of community leaders and members.

It is also crucial to foster community-police relationships to enhance public trust, as these relationships can be instrumental in crime prevention and investigation. Additionally, there’s a need for more coordinated efforts between local security forces and the military to counter the threat these armed assailants pose effectively.

Above all, the people of Imo State deserve to live in a safe and secure environment where their leaders can serve without fear of violence or assassination. It is our collective responsibility to achieve and maintain such an environment.

Did You Know?

  • Traditional rulers are the custodians of culture and customs in Nigerian communities. Consequently, they play significant roles in maintaining peace and resolving conflicts in their communities.
  • Imo State is located in the southeastern region of Nigeria. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and is one of the oil-rich states in Nigeria.
  • The Nigeria Police Force is Nigeria’s principal law enforcement agency, with a staff of about 371,800.


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