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Kogi Police Launch Manhunt For Kidnappers Of 14 Abuja Bound Travellers1

Kogi Police Launch Manhunt for Kidnappers of 14 Abuja-Bound Travellers

The Kogi State Police Command is actively searching for the kidnappers of 14 passengers from two luxury buses en route to Abuja. The abduction occurred at Inyenle Eteke, Ogugu, in the Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State. The buses, operated by Good Is Good and ABC Transport was reported hijacked, with social media influencer Chude Nnamdi revealing the distressing news, including that his wife was among those on the hijacked buses.

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Chude disclosed that the kidnappers had contacted him through his wife’s phone, demanding a N15 million ransom. The Kogi State Police, confirming the incident, have initiated a search and rescue operation, although the number of passengers aboard remains uncertain. The police found the buses but not the passengers, leading to an intensified effort to locate and rescue the victims.

The police have managed to rescue the driver of the ‘God is Good’ bus, Mr Godwin Oniovosa, while continuing their search in the surrounding bushland. Attempts to obtain comments from the transport companies were met with limited responses, highlighting the tense situation as efforts to reach the victims and negotiate their safe return continue.

This incident underscores the persistent security challenges in Nigeria, particularly regarding kidnappings on major travel routes. The police’s response and ongoing search efforts reflect the urgency of addressing these security threats and ensuring the safety of citizens and travellers within the country.

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The abduction of 14 Abuja-bound passengers in Kogi State brings to light the critical security challenges facing Nigeria’s transportation networks. Such incidents not only cause immediate distress to the victims and their families but also raise broader concerns about the safety of national highways and the effectiveness of security measures.

This situation calls for a concerted effort from all security agencies in Kogi State and across Nigeria to enhance surveillance, intelligence gathering, and rapid response mechanisms. It also highlights the importance of collaboration between transport companies, security agencies, and local communities to develop more robust strategies for preventing such incidents.

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As the search for the abducted passengers continues, the authorities must reassess and strengthen the security framework around the country’s transportation infrastructure. Ensuring the safety of travellers is paramount to maintaining public confidence in road transport and safeguarding the freedom of movement, which is essential for the nation’s socio-economic development.

Did You Know?

  • Kidnapping for ransom has become a significant security issue in Nigeria, affecting not only remote areas but also major travel routes.
  • The collaboration between transport companies and security agencies is vital for implementing preventive measures and ensuring rapid incident response.
  • Technology, such as GPS tracking and emergency communication systems, can enhance the safety of passengers and aid in the quick resolution of abduction cases.
  • Community involvement in security matters, through local vigilance groups and information sharing, can play a crucial role in deterring kidnappers and aiding law enforcement efforts.
  • Addressing the root causes of insecurity, including unemployment and social inequality, is essential for long-term solutions to the kidnapping crisis in Nigeria.


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