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Lp Candidate Alleges Unprosecuted Kidnapping By Rivers Police1

LP Candidate Alleges Unprosecuted Kidnapping by Rivers Police

Harrison Gwamnishu, a candidate for the Delta State House of Assembly, has brought to light that three officers from the Rivers State Police Command, previously arrested for their involvement in a kidnapping case, have yet to face prosecution. The officers, identified as ASP Doubara Edonyabo, ASP Talent Mungo, and Inspector Odey Michael, were implicated in the abduction of a man in Aba, Abia State. The victim was transported across states to Ughelli in Delta State, where the officers allegedly extorted 3000 USD (equivalent to N4,200,000.00) from him.

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Despite their arrest and the commencement of an investigation by the police command, which led to the restitution of the extorted amount to the victim on January 18, Gwamnishu expressed concerns over the officers’ continued freedom and the risk it poses. He highlighted the reluctance to dismiss the officers due to their senior ranks.

The Rivers State Police Command, through its spokesperson, Grace Iringe-Koko, had previously stated that disciplinary actions were being taken against the officers. Iringe-Koko announced that the officers would face official queries and an orderly room trial, with a public parade before the press to underscore the seriousness of their misconduct.

This incident is not isolated, as there have been previous reports of misconduct involving police officers in Rivers State, further emphasizing the need for accountability and reform within the police force.

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The recent revelation by Harrison Gwamnishu about the lack of prosecution for police officers arrested for kidnapping in Rivers State casts a shadow over the integrity and accountability mechanisms within the Nigerian Police Force. This situation underscores a broader issue of impunity and the challenges of enforcing disciplinary measures against law enforcement officials, especially those holding senior positions.

The necessity for a transparent and effective justice system that holds individuals accountable, regardless of their rank or position, cannot be overstated. It is imperative for the police force not only to investigate and prosecute criminal actions by its members but also to ensure that such measures are visible and understandable to the public. This transparency is crucial in rebuilding trust between the police and the communities they serve.

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As Nigeria continues to grapple with issues of police misconduct and the urgent need for reform, cases like these serve as a reminder of the long road ahead. The police force needs to embrace systemic changes that prioritize accountability, transparency, and the protection of human rights.

Let this incident motivate a renewed commitment to reforming the police force, ensuring justice is served, and restoring the public’s faith in law enforcement. The path to a more just and accountable police force is fraught with challenges, but it is a journey that must be undertaken for national security and public trust.

Did You Know?

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  • Kidnapping for ransom has become a significant security challenge in many parts of Nigeria, with both civilians and law enforcement officers implicated in such crimes.
  • The orderly room trial is a disciplinary procedure within the Nigerian Police Force that addresses officer misconduct.
  • Public confidence in the police is crucial for effective law enforcement and community policing strategies.
  • The Rivers State Police Command has faced various misconduct allegations, highlighting the need for ongoing reforms and oversight within the force.
  • Transparency and accountability in handling police misconduct cases are essential for deterring future violations and fostering a culture of integrity within the police force.




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