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Navy Thwarts Kidnapping Rescues Captain In Rivers

Navy Thwarts Kidnapping, Rescues Captain in Rivers

In a decisive operation, the Nigerian Navy has successfully apprehended two suspected kidnappers in the Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State, near Agba Agwatx Asarama. The swift action led to the rescue of a tugboat captain who had been abducted off the coast of the Andoni-Bonny River. The captain, while towing a barge from Ikot Abasi along the Bonny River, was intercepted by the kidnappers, who posed as pipeline surveillance workers and demanded a ransom.

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The Navy’s intervention was based on an intelligence report, which enabled the Forward Operating Base in Bonny to pinpoint and disrupt the kidnapping operation. Despite the kidnappers’ attempt to escape into the surrounding bush, the Navy’s pursuit resulted in the successful rescue of the victim and the capture of two suspects after a heated chase.


The recent intervention by the Nigerian Navy in Rivers State is a testament to the critical role of intelligence and rapid response in combating crime. The successful rescue operation not only saved the captain but also sent a clear message to criminals that the Nigerian waters are under vigilant protection.

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We advocate for the continued strengthening of maritime security through investment in surveillance technology and intelligence-gathering capabilities. The Navy’s proactive stance should be supported by a legal framework that ensures swift justice for perpetrators and deters potential kidnappers.

Moreover, this incident highlights the need for a comprehensive strategy to protect key economic assets, such as the maritime routes that are vital for Nigeria’s economy. The collaboration between local communities and security forces is essential in this regard, as community members often serve as the eyes and ears on the ground.

The bravery and efficiency displayed by the Nigerian Navy in this operation should be the standard for all security agencies. It is through such concerted efforts that Nigeria can assure safety in its waters and uphold the rule of law.

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Did You Know?

  • The Nigerian Navy is one of the largest in Africa, with a wide range of vessels, including frigates, corvettes, and patrol boats.
  • Kidnapping for ransom has been a persistent issue in Nigeria, with maritime workers often being targeted.
  • Rivers State, known for its vast network of waterways, has been a hotspot for maritime crimes, including piracy and kidnapping.
  • The Nigerian Navy conducts regular patrols and exercises to maintain security and deter criminal activities in the nation’s territorial waters.
  • Collaboration between the Nigerian Navy and international partners has been instrumental in improving maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.



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