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Police Nab 26 Suspects for Kidnapping and Cult Activities in Nasarawa State

  • The Nasarawa State Police Command arrests 26 suspects linked to kidnapping and cult activities.
  • DSP Ramhan Nansel, the state Police Public Relations Officer, confirms that two victims were rescued during the operation.
  • Following credible intelligence, police stormed the kidnappers’ hideouts, arresting them and liberating the hostages.
  • Nansel applauds the police efforts and warns criminals to steer clear of the state.

News Story

The Nasarawa State Police Command has declared the apprehension of 26 individuals associated with numerous crimes, notably kidnapping and cultism within the state.

The announcement was made in the Lafia district of the state by DSP Ramhan Nansel, the Police Public Relations Officer for the state.

He disclosed that the police operation also facilitated the rescuing of two recently kidnapped victims.

On Wednesday, Nansel presented the arrested suspects to the public.

He detailed how, based on solid intelligence, the police raided the kidnappers’ hideouts, leading to their subsequent arrest.

Nansel stated, “Based on substantial intelligence, around 4 pm on May 23, 2023, a group of Mobile Policemen attached to Operation Restore Peace, stormed a kidnappers’ den at Ambaka village in the Farin Ruwa Development Area in the Wamba LGA of the state.”

“Successfully, the team rescued two kidnap victims who had been detained for some time, and apprehended five kidnappers from Ambaka village. The suspects have admitted to a spate of kidnappings in the Ambaka village vicinity.”

Nansel appreciated the tireless work of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of the command led by SP Lapshak Lenka, culminating in the arrest of the suspects and rescue of the victims.

He added that among the arrested individuals, 13 were nabbed for their involvement in cult-related activities in the Karu LGA of the state.

According to Nansel, “Based on a tip-off, police detectives attached to the Masaka Division infiltrated a Neo-Black Knowledge cult group’s hideout at Koya village, Masaka, Karu LGA. There, 13 suspects were arrested, and a variety of illegal items, including a locally-made pistol, three 9mm live ammunition, two axes, and dangerous charms were seized.”

In a stern warning to all criminals, Nansel declared their unwelcome presence in the state.

He further announced that the Commissioner of Police, Maiyaki Baba, ordered the transfer of the arrested suspects to the Criminal Investigation Department in Lafia for a thorough investigation.


Reining in Crime: Nasarawa’s Stand against Kidnapping and Cultism

The recent news of the arrest of 26 suspects linked to crimes such as kidnapping and cult activities in Nasarawa state highlights the ongoing efforts to curb the scourge of crime in our communities.

Admittedly, the opposing view could suggest that these arrests merely treat the symptoms, not the root causes of crime.

However, this operation, spearheaded by the Nasarawa State Police Command, is commendable.

It shows a dedicated move against these disruptive societal elements, thus sending a strong message to other potential criminals.

The apprehended individuals were linked to numerous cases of kidnapping, and a significant proportion were also involved in menacing cult activities.

The success of these operations underscores the importance of actionable intelligence and the police’s relentless pursuit of peace and order.

While arresting the culprits is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough.

There’s a need for the government and the judiciary to ensure that justice is promptly and adequately served.

In addition, it’s crucial to deter potential criminals and demonstrate to law-abiding citizens that the rule of law prevails.

There’s also a pressing need for more proactive crime prevention strategies.

This includes focusing on youth empowerment, creating employment opportunities, and ensuring quality education for all.

These long-term strategies have the potential to effectively decrease crime rates by addressing some of the root causes of crime.

So, let this be a clarion call to action.

As citizens, we must support our police forces and contribute to creating safer communities.

In addition, the government must intensify efforts to empower the youth and provide gainful employment opportunities to mitigate the temptation of crime.

Did You Know?

  • Nasarawa State, located in North-Central Nigeria, was created in 1996 from Plateau State.
  • Nasarawa State is known for agriculture, a significant producer of many crops and fruits.
  • Kidnapping for ransom has become a widespread issue in many parts of Nigeria over the years.
  • Cultism in Nigeria is often linked to universities and has been a significant problem for decades.
  • The Nigeria Police Force was founded in 1930 and is Nigeria’s principal law enforcement agency.

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