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University Student Detained For Allegedly Poisoning Two Women

University Student Detained for Allegedly Poisoning Two Women

Oladokun Ayomide, a final-year student at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, has been apprehended by the Ogun State Police Command. He is accused of poisoning his girlfriend, Ugbokwe Mmasichukwu, and another woman, Odumosu Semilore. The incident occurred after Ayomide invited Mmasichukwu to his residence in the Surulere community, Camp area of Abeokuta, and she brought along Semilore.

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The police reported that Ayomide served them a concoction of brownie cakes, alcohol, and an unidentified harmful substance. Shortly after consuming the cake, both women lost consciousness and were urgently taken to the hospital. The motive behind Ayomide’s actions remains unclear, but initial investigations suggest an intent to harm.

Mmasichukwu and Semilore, both students at the Federal College of Education, Osiele Abeokuta, were found to be responding to treatment. Olusola Ajibola, the Chief Security Officer of the college, played a pivotal role in Ayomide’s arrest. The Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, confirmed the ongoing treatment of the victims and stated that further investigations were underway to uncover the full circumstances of the incident.

Evidence collected at the scene included a foil paper pack used for the brownie cake. The suspect was subsequently handed over to the police by the college’s Chief Security Officer.

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At Yohaig NG, we are deeply concerned by the disturbing incident at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. The alleged poisoning of two students by their peer, Oladokun Ayomide, is a stark reminder of the underlying issues that plague educational institutions and the broader society.

This incident raises critical questions about the mental health and well-being of students in our universities. It’s essential to consider what pressures or challenges might drive a student to such extreme and harmful actions. Educational institutions must not only be places of academic learning but also environments where mental health and emotional well-being are prioritised.

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This case highlights the need for more robust safety measures and awareness programs within our campuses. Students, faculty, and staff should be equipped with the knowledge and resources to identify and respond to such threats. Universities must create a culture of vigilance and support, where students feel safe and are encouraged to speak up about any concerns.

In addressing this issue, we urge educational authorities and policymakers to take a holistic approach. This includes enhancing mental health services, implementing comprehensive safety protocols, and fostering a supportive community within educational settings. Only through these concerted efforts can we hope to prevent such incidents in the future and ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

Did You Know?

  • Student Mental Health: Studies show that university students are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues, often due to academic pressures, social challenges, and life transitions.
  • Poisoning Cases in Universities: Incidents of poisoning in university settings, though rare, have occurred globally, underscoring the need for awareness and preventive measures.
  • Safety in Nigerian Universities: Nigerian universities have been increasingly focusing on campus safety, implementing various measures to protect students and staff.
  • Impact of Incidents on Campus Life: Events like these can have a profound impact on the campus community, affecting trust and the overall sense of security among students and staff.
  • Awareness and Prevention: Raising awareness about the signs of distress and the importance of seeking help is crucial in preventing harmful incidents in educational environments.


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