Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola

Aregbesola Urges Security to Safeguard National Assets

Interior Minister, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has rallied security stakeholders to prioritize the protection of Nigeria’s vital assets and infrastructure.

At Tuesday’s Critical National Asset and Infrastructure (CNAI) and National Protection Policy and Strategy (NPPS) 2023 Validation workshop in Abuja, Aregbesola stressed the importance of preserving the country’s assets to fuel national development.

Given the broad scope of CNAI, he encouraged stakeholders to deliberate on the policies that govern it and its impact on security agencies’ responsibilities.

The minister emphasized the need to scrutinize security institutions and stakeholders’ roles in securing the CNAI.

Moreover, Aregbesola highlighted the importance of understanding how these agencies intend to execute the strategies that underpin CNAI protection.

“We anticipate a remarkable outcome, so your input in this workshop should reflect your expertise in areas we deem essential for the well-being and security of Nigerians,” he urged.

Mr. Ahmed Audi, the Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), reaffirmed that the corps is the principal agency responsible for protecting the CNAI.

“This gathering is designed to finalize the multi-stakeholder engagement process for CNAI-NPPS 2023,” he added.

Audi further asserted that the document, ready for validation, aligns with Security Council Resolution and will provide a timely boost in addressing Nigeria’s evolving security challenges.

“We’ll endeavor to bridge any gap and counter threats to CNAI that impede our progress,” he stated.

He reassured that the NSCDC would continue to foster effective collaboration with the Military, Police, and other relevant entities to ensure Nigeria’s heritage is duly protected.

He also encouraged participants to collectively provide constructive feedback on the document to combat insecurity.

Editor’s Note

The Imperative of Safeguarding Nigeria’s Critical Assets and Infrastructure

The call to action by the Interior Minister, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, for security stakeholders to safeguard Nigeria’s critical assets and infrastructure underlines a pivotal issue facing our nation today.

The minister’s address at the Critical National Asset and Infrastructure (CNAI) and National Protection Policy and Strategy (NPPS) 2023 Validation workshop is a clarion call that demands immediate attention.

The current state of affairs reveals the urgent need to scrutinize security institutions’ roles in securing our national treasures, particularly critical assets and infrastructure.

These assets are the lifeblood of our nation’s progress and development, and their protection is paramount to our national security.

However, this situation is not without its challenges.

The diverse nature of CNAI demands comprehensive policies that cover its broad scope.

This is where the role of the National Protection Policy and Strategy becomes crucial.

It is a document designed to provide strategic guidance on protecting our assets in alignment with global trends and good practices.

The Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Mr. Ahmed Audi, affirmed that the document aligns with the Security Council Resolution.

This is a positive step forward.

However, considering Nigeria’s emerging security threats, the task ahead is daunting.

The implications of failing to protect our assets adequately are dire.

It could halt our national development, threaten our economic stability, and compromise the well-being and security of Nigerians.

Therefore, security agencies and stakeholders must rally to the cause and implement effective strategies for asset protection.

Security stakeholders must rise to the challenge.

They must ensure their contributions reflect their expertise and commitment to safeguarding our nation’s assets.

They need to foster effective collaboration, leverage their collective knowledge, and utilize their resources to secure our heritage.

The NSCDC’s commitment to synergize with the Military, Police, and other relevant entities is a step in the right direction.

However, more needs to be done.

Stakeholders must engage in constructive criticism and provide valuable feedback on the document.

This will facilitate the development of a robust and effective strategy to tackle the threats facing our critical assets and infrastructure.

Conceding a point to the opposition, it is true that safeguarding our national assets is challenging due to the diverse nature of CNAI and the ever-evolving security threats.

However, this should not deter us from our mission.

We must face these challenges head-on.

We must pick apart the other side’s logic that implies the task is too daunting.

Instead, we should focus on developing realistic solutions that go beyond common knowledge.

It is time to encourage critical thinking and proactive action.

We must not be content with the status quo.

We must strive for better.

We must strive for a Nigeria where our national assets are secure and our people feel safe.

The message is clear in wrapping up this pressing issue: protecting Nigeria’s critical assets and infrastructure is crucial for our nation’s development and security.

It’s high time we all rise to the challenge and make concerted efforts to ensure the safety and prosperity of our great nation.

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