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Buhari to Unveil New War Assets for Navy on May 22

The Nigerian Navy is set for a significant upgrade as President Muhammadu Buhari gears up to launch new warships, gunboats, and helicopters on May 22nd.

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This development was announced by Rear Adm. Seidu Garba, the Chief of Policy of Plans, Navy, during a press briefing on Wednesday in the capital, Abuja.

Garba detailed the upcoming Presidential Fleet Review (PFR) 2023, a significant event slated to occur from May 19 to May 22 in Lagos.

The theme for the event is ‘Fleet Readiness for National Prosperity.’

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The president will officially commission two new ships, NNS Kada and NNS Ibeno, along with a recently acquired Nigerian Navy helicopter.

Attendees will also witness a ceremonial sailing pass exercise and combat and aerial displays.

The Navy Chief revealed that the Buhari administration had procured 20 capital ships for the Nigerian Navy during its 8-year tenure.

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This includes offshore patrol vessels, landing ships transport, hydrographic survey vessels, seaward defense boats, helicopters, over 300 coastal patrol vessels, and assault crafts.

In addition, President Buhari commissioned two locally built ships in 2016 and 2021 and laid the foundations for two more, which are expected to be ready by 2024.

The PFR 2023 is organized in honor of President Buhari, recognizing his generous contribution to the service and the nation.

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Garba emphasized that the PFR is a tradition amongst navies globally, conducted to honor their sovereigns or heads of government.

This event is an opportunity to demonstrate loyalty and allegiance to the state while providing a platform for the president to assess the Navy’s preparedness for maritime security, safety, and defense.

Activities for the PFR include capability demonstrations by NN Special Forces, Defence/Maritime Expo Exhibition, and combined naval parade and exercises.

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Sixteen Nigerian Navy warships, three NN helicopters, and a mix of Nigerian Air Force aircraft will participate in the PFR.

Garba concluded by highlighting that the Buhari administration has profoundly transformed the Nigerian Navy Fleet, making it the pride of the Gulf of Guinea and one of the most versatile naval fleets in Africa.

This celebration is a tribute to the president’s commitment to strengthening the nation’s naval assets and capability to project her instruments of maritime power for national prosperity.

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Editor’s Take

Navigating Towards National Prosperity: The Induction of New Warships and Naval Platforms

The impending induction of new warships, gunboats, and helicopters to the Nigerian Navy by President Muhammadu Buhari is a significant leap toward strengthening our maritime security.

This development is not just an upgrade in our fleet; it’s a strategic move towards asserting our authority and projecting our maritime power in the Gulf of Guinea and beyond.

The event, themed ‘Fleet Readiness for National Prosperity,’ encapsulates the essence of this transformation.

It’s not just about showcasing our newly acquired military assets; it’s about demonstrating our commitment to ensuring maritime security, safety, and defense.

Such commitment is crucial in the face of the myriad of security challenges that threaten our maritime borders and, by extension, our economic interests.

It is crucial to acknowledge the efforts of the Buhari administration toward bolstering our naval fleet.

Procuring 20 capital ships, commissioning locally built ships, and acquiring over 300 coastal patrol vessels and assault crafts represent a significant investment in our maritime security.

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However, it’s essential to point out that hardware acquisition is only part of the equation.

Training our naval personnel to adequately manage these assets and effectively respond to maritime threats is equally, if not more, important.

Thankfully, the planned capability demonstrations by the NN Special Forces indicate a focus on this aspect.

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Moreover, our navy’s effectiveness in ensuring maritime security isn’t a responsibility that falls solely on its shoulders.

It necessitates collaborations with other military branches, as indicated by the planned participation of a mix of Nigerian Air Force aircraft in the PFR.

Such synergy is vital for a comprehensive and effective response to maritime threats.

Finally, this development should not be viewed in isolation.

It’s part of a broader defense strategy that requires constant review and adjustment in response to evolving threats.

As we celebrate the induction of these new assets, we must also remember to assess our overall defense strategy and make necessary adjustments continually.

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The induction of the new warships, gunboats, and helicopters is a step in the right direction.

However, we must ensure that this is not just a symbolic move but a genuine enhancement of our maritime security capabilities.

We must ensure our maritime borders are safe and secure as we navigate toward national prosperity.

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A safe and prosperous Nigeria is within our reach with the right strategies and investments.

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