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Buhari’s Tenure Sees 20 Ships Added to Nigerian Navy Fleet

Over the eight years of President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership, the Nigerian Navy (NN) has acquired 20 capital ships, as confirmed by Rear Adm. Saidu Garba, Chief of Policy and Plans at Naval Headquarters.

In a statement issued on Friday, Garba detailed that the procured naval assets include Offshore Patrol Vessels, Landing Ship Transport, Hydrographic Survey Vessels, Seaward Defence Boats, Helicopters, and an impressive addition of over 300 Inshore Patrol Vessels and Assault crafts.

In recognition of President Buhari’s significant contributions to the NN’s expansion, a Presidential Fleet Review (PFR) will be held in his honor.

Scheduled from May 19 to May 22 in Lagos, the PFR will operate under the theme ‘Fleet Readiness for National Prosperity.’

Garba additionally disclosed that under Buhari’s administration, two locally built ships were commissioned in 2016 and 2021.

Furthermore, the keels of two additional ships have been laid, with their readiness anticipated by 2024.

The upcoming PFR 2023 is a show of loyalty and allegiance to the state, providing President Buhari with an opportunity to evaluate the Navy’s readiness to meet its statutory obligations concerning maritime security, safety, and defense.

Garba recalled the last PFR, held in 2010, honored then-President Goodluck Jonathan, coinciding with Nigeria’s 50th independence anniversary.

He also mentioned the NN’s participation in international Fleet reviews, most recently in Bangladesh in December 2022.

The PFR-2023 exercise will feature 16 NN warships, three AW109E NN helicopters, a range of Nigerian Air Force aircraft, and foreign warships from allied nations such as Spain, Brazil, and Ghana.

Garba ended his statement by acknowledging President Buhari’s significant role in transforming the NN fleet, noting that his political will led to a recapitalization that has made the NN the pride of the Gulf of Guinea.

Editor’s Take: Examining the Naval Expansion

President Buhari’s term witnessed a significant expansion of the Nigerian Navy’s fleet, with the acquisition of 20 capital ships over eight years.

This growth speaks volumes about the administration’s commitment to maritime security, defense, and, most importantly, Nigeria’s national prosperity.

President Buhari’s investment in naval assets has undeniably strengthened Nigeria’s maritime capabilities.

The acquisition of Offshore Patrol Vessels, Hydrographic Survey Vessels, Seaward Defence Boats, and many Inshore Patrol Vessels and Assault crafts is a commendable achievement.

It increases Nigeria’s naval power and boosts our ability to monitor and control our coastal and maritime territories.

The upcoming Presidential Fleet Review (PFR) represents an opportunity to assess our naval readiness.

It also presents a chance to highlight the advancements made in the Navy during President Buhari’s administration.

This review is a testament to the importance of commitment and investment in our defense sector.

But we must remember a robust naval fleet is only part of the equation.

Training, maintenance, and strategic utilization of these assets are equally essential.

The government should ensure the Navy is well-equipped to operate these new assets effectively.

Let this expansion serve as a call to future administrations to continue investing in our defense infrastructure.

A strong and capable Navy is crucial for Nigeria’s security and prosperity.

Did You Know?

  1. The Presidential Fleet Review (PFR) is a traditional naval practice in which the nation’s President reviews the readiness and capabilities of the naval fleet. This practice is conducted by various navies worldwide.
  2. The Nigerian Navy’s newly acquired ships include several vessels, including Offshore Patrol Vessels, Hydrographic Survey Vessels, Seaward Defence Boats, and a substantial fleet of over 300 Inshore Patrol Vessels and Assault crafts.
  3. The PFR-2023 exercise involves not only Nigerian assets but also foreign warships from allied nations like Spain, Brazil, and Ghana. These exercises provide an opportunity for multinational training and cooperation.
  4. President Buhari commissioned two locally built ships during his tenure, in 2016 and 2021. These efforts reflect Nigeria’s capabilities and potential in the maritime industry.
  5. The Nigerian Navy actively participates in international Fleet reviews. Most recently, they sent personnel to the Bangladesh Navy Fleet Review in December 2022, marking the Golden Jubilee of the country’s Independence.
  6. During President Buhari’s tenure, the Nigerian Navy has seen significant transformation and recapitalization, making it a pride of the Gulf of Guinea region. This commitment to maritime strength is expected to enhance Nigeria’s capacity to protect its waters and promote national prosperity.

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