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Defence Chief Irabor Pledges Military’s Dedication to Democratic Growth

  • Gen. Lucky Irabor, Chief of Defence Staff, expresses the military’s dedication to democratic development in Nigeria.
  • Irabor’s commitment was reiterated at Tuesday’s Regimental Dinner in President Muhammadu Buhari’s honour.
  • He assured that the military and other security agencies are relentlessly ensuring Nigeria’s security and aiding the nation’s progress.
  • Irabor pledged loyalty to the president and the Constitution as Buhari’s tenure concludes.
  • The event was attended by notable figures such as Africa’s wealthiest businessman, Aliko Dangote, and various ministers, past Service Chiefs, and state governors.

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Gen. Lucky Irabor, Chief of Defence Staff, recently reaffirmed the military’s steadfast commitment to nurturing Nigeria’s democracy. This pledge was announced at the Regimental Dinner, an event held to honour President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday night in Abuja, forming part of the series of activities in the run-up to the May 29 inauguration ceremony.

Irabor expressed that the military, alongside other security forces, will not falter in ensuring Nigeria’s safety and security, signifying their paramount contribution to the country’s advancement. As President Buhari’s term concluded, he further vowed the military’s loyalty to the president and the Constitution.

“Our determination to uphold democratic growth is rock solid,” Irabor declared. “I assure you that the Armed Forces of Nigeria and other security agencies will consolidate all the successes recorded so far, especially on the ongoing counter-insurgency and anti-banditry operations across the country.”

He further pledged, “We shall continuously and tirelessly strive to secure all that constitute Nigeria’s wealth as our contribution to national development. On behalf of officers and personnel of the armed forces, the police, and other security agencies I most sincerely thank the president for gracing this occasion.”

Attendees of the event included prominent personalities such as Africa’s most prosperous businessman, Aliko Dangote, Ministers, past Service Chiefs, heads of security and intelligence agencies, other government functionaries, and a selection of state governors.


A Pledge to Democracy: The Military’s Role in National Growth

In a time when democratic principles are being tested around the globe, Nigeria’s military has renewed its commitment to uphold the tenets of democracy, with Gen. Lucky Irabor at the helm. However, although the military’s promise of loyalty is commendable, one must acknowledge the complexity of their role in a democratic society, particularly regarding security and nation-building.

Given Nigeria’s myriad security challenges, from counter-insurgency to anti-banditry operations, the military’s resolve to ensure the country’s safety is crucial. Yet, as history has shown, a delicate balance must be struck to ensure that these operations do not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of Nigerians, the very essence of a democratic society.

This pledge of dedication from the military must be met with a reiteration of respect for the rule of law, human rights, and the Constitution, the pillars upon which democracy stands. These principles should guide the military’s actions, ensuring their operations align with democratic norms.

Moreover, there’s a need for robust, multi-sector collaborations that go beyond the military. Civil society organisations, the police, and local communities should be part of the comprehensive strategy to address security issues, promoting an inclusive approach to problem-solving.

In moving forward, transparency and accountability should be the watchwords of the military’s operations. These virtues, after all, are critical to maintaining public trust, fostering unity, and enhancing democratic growth.

As we celebrate this renewed commitment to democracy, we must remember that safeguarding our democratic values and principles requires not just words but concerted actions from all stakeholders.

Let this pledge by Gen. Lucky Irabor not just be a mantra but a living commitment that shapes our democratic path towards prosperity.

Did You Know?

  • The Nigerian Armed Forces consists of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, with a total active personnel estimated at over 120,000.
  • Nigeria ranks third with the most significant number of peacekeeping troops in the United Nations.
  • The Nigerian military has played significant roles in peacekeeping missions across the globe, from Lebanon to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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