Third Batch Of Nigerian Evacuees Arrive Abuja From Sudan

Abuja Welcomes Third Set of Nigerian Evacuees from Sudan

Abuja witnessed the arrival of the third batch of Nigerian evacuees from Port Sudan on Saturday, as Federal Government officials welcomed 124 adults and seven infants at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission reported that 131 individuals, primarily women, and children, landed at the airport around 1:45 pm. Government officials expressed confidence in the successful completion of the evacuation process.

This third batch of evacuees arrived on the heels of the second group, which reached Nigeria on Friday afternoon. Approximately 130 people disembarked from a Tarco Airline aircraft at Abuja Airport around 3 pm.

The first group of evacuees from the conflict-ridden North African country arrived in Nigeria on Wednesday night.

More Nigerians are set to return in the coming days, as four additional airlines – Air Peace, Max Air, Azman Air, and Tarco Aviation – are prepared to transport them back home.

Editorial: Embracing the Return of Nigerian Evacuees

The recent arrivals of Nigerian evacuees from Sudan have captured the nation’s attention, as the government and multiple airlines work tirelessly to ensure their safe return.

As the third batch arrives in Abuja, the focus should be on the evacuation process and the future of these returnees.

Reintegrating into society poses a significant challenge for these evacuees, many of whom have faced unimaginable hardships in war-torn Sudan.

The Nigerian government must proactively provide comprehensive support, including job placement programs, housing assistance, and mental health services.

It is also essential for communities nationwide to warmly welcome these returnees, offering them the understanding and assistance they need to rebuild their lives.

The government should establish task forces to facilitate their smooth return and reintegration into their home communities.

The Nigerian public must also be prepared to lend a hand, working together to create a supportive environment for those who have been displaced.

This crisis serves as an opportunity for Nigeria to unite, paving the way for a better future for these evacuees and the nation.

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