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Cupp Criticises Government Over Continuous Fuel Price Hikes 1

CUPP Criticises Government Over Continuous Fuel Price Hikes

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has criticised the Federal Government over what it describes as “relentless and excessive fuel price increases, driving inflation sky-high and making life increasingly difficult for Nigerians.”

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In a statement released by its National Co-Spokesperson, Mr Mark Adebayo, CUPP expressed its disapproval of the sudden price hike, which comes barely a month after fuel prices were raised by over 300% on May 29th.

Adebayo stated,

“The CUPP has noticed the sudden and covert increase in petrol pump prices by NNPC, which has immediately started having negative domino effects on all other commodities and services in the country, further plunging most Nigerians into severe poverty and unprecedented economic hardships.”

He further criticised the subsidy removal scheme, describing it as a scam to trap Nigerians in a premeditated regime of socioeconomic slavery dictated by leadership insensitivity.

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Adebayo also expressed concern over the NNPC’s actions, suggesting a hidden agenda of relentless and excessive fuel price hikes that will drive inflation through the roof and make life increasingly unbearable for Nigerians.

Adebayo called on President Bola Tinubu to show compassion by ensuring that the NNPC is not taken over by the same forces that embezzled the fuel subsidy funds, leading to its removal and finding a backdoor to continue claiming the subsidy by other means, making Nigerians bear the brunt of their economic terrorism.


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The recent fuel price hikes, criticised by the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), highlight a significant issue facing Nigerians today.

The continuous increase in fuel prices, coupled with the removal of the fuel subsidy, has led to a surge in inflation and an increase in the cost of living for the average Nigerian.

While the government may argue that these measures are necessary due to economic conditions, it is clear that they are having a detrimental impact on the lives of Nigerians.

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The government’s actions, or lack thereof, in this situation demonstrate a lack of sensitivity towards the plight of its citizens.

The CUPP’s criticism of the government’s actions is a call to action for the government to reconsider its policies and take steps to alleviate the economic burden on its citizens.

The government needs to find a balance between economic necessity and the welfare of its citizens.

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Did You Know?

  • Nigeria is the 12th largest oil producer globally and the largest in Africa.
  • Despite being a significant oil producer, Nigeria imports most of its refined petroleum products.
  • Fuel subsidies were introduced in Nigeria to keep fuel prices low and affordable for the average Nigerian.
  • The removal of fuel subsidies has been a controversial issue in Nigeria, leading to protests and strikes.
  • The increase in fuel prices significantly impacts the cost of living in Nigeria.

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