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Falana Advocates For Government Intervention In Price Control1

Falana Advocates for Government Intervention in Price Control

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, has called on the Nigerian government to actively enforce price control measures to protect citizens from undue exploitation, as stipulated by the Price Control Act. In a conversation with Channels Television, Falana highlighted the necessity of such measures to prevent the concentration of economic power in the hands of a few. This comes against the backdrop of his recent legal action against the federal government for failing to curb the soaring prices of essential commodities.

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Falana pointed out the contradiction between the government’s claims of food abundance and the reality that many Nigerians cannot afford necessities due to skyrocketing prices. He emphasized that while the wealthy may navigate through inflation, most Nigerians are deprived of access to essential goods, making government intervention crucial. The advocate also criticized the selective application of subsidies, which moderates prices for services like electricity and petrol but uncovers food, medicine, and diesel costs.

A Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered the government to set prices for goods and petroleum products within seven days following Falana’s motion. This legal move seeks to compel the Price Control Board and the Attorney General of the Federation to adhere to their duties under the Price Control Act, which includes setting prices for a broad range of commodities, including food items and petroleum products.


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The call by Femi Falana for the Nigerian government to take a more active role in controlling the prices of commodities is a timely reminder of the state’s responsibility towards its citizens. In a country where inflation has become a significant burden, the disparity between government claims of abundance and the harsh realities faced by the majority cannot be overlooked. The government’s duty to implement price control measures is not just a legal obligation but a moral one aimed at ensuring that the basic needs of all Nigerians are met.

The selective approach to subsidies, which has seen some sectors benefit while others suffer, highlights a broader issue of economic equity and justice. The government must adopt a holistic approach to subsidies and price controls, ensuring that all essential commodities, including food and medicine, are affordable for the average citizen. This is crucial for preventing the deepening of economic disparities and for fostering a more inclusive economy.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the government must recognize the situation’s urgency and act accordingly. The implementation of price controls, as mandated by law, should be seen as an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to the welfare of the Nigerian people. It is a chance to build trust and show that the government is responsive to its citizens’ needs and challenges.

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Did You Know?

  • The Price Control Act in Nigeria is designed to prevent undue profiteering and exploitation by setting maximum prices for essential commodities.
  • Legal actions against the government for failing to control prices highlight the judiciary’s role in holding the state accountable for its duties.
  • Economic disparities in Nigeria are exacerbated by inflation, which disproportionately affects the purchasing power of lower-income households.
  • Price control is not unique to Nigeria; many countries have similar laws to protect consumers during economic crises.
  • The debate over government intervention in markets reflects broader discussions on the balance between free market principles and the need for social protection.


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