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Nigerias Inflation Skyrockets Affecting Millions Over Two Years

Nigeria’s Inflation Skyrockets, Affecting Millions Over Two Years

Nigeria has experienced a staggering increase in inflation 24 times over the past 25 months, as reported by Yohaig NG. This analysis, based on the National Bureau of Statistics’ Commodity Price Index reports, reveals a significant rise in inflation from October 2021 to October 2023, with a slight dip in December 2022.

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Inflation, defined as the rate at which the purchasing power of currency falls and prices rise, has escalated from 15.99% to 27.33% during this period. This surge means that the same salary now covers significantly less in terms of expenses than it did two years ago, severely impacting savings and living standards.

The National Bureau of Statistics reported in June that the continuous depreciation of the naira and persistent inflation had eroded N13.72 trillion in workers’ salaries over the last four years. The World Bank’s Nigeria Development Update for June 2023 further highlighted the dire situation, stating that accelerating inflation had plunged an additional four million Nigerians into poverty in just the first five months of 2023.

Economist Prof. Sheriffdeen Tella from Olabisi Onabanjo University pointed out the cyclical effect of this unrelenting inflationary pressure. It leads to reduced purchasing power, decreased production, and ultimately, job losses in the real sector of the economy. He explained, “Rising prices simply mean that what money can buy at one point, will not be able to buy the same volume at another time. That is what has made the cost of living to be very high, and the standard of living to fall.”

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The alarming rate of inflation in Nigeria over the past two years is a cause for grave concern. It not only reflects the economic challenges facing the country but also underscores the impact of such financial crises on the average citizen. The fact that millions of Nigerians have been pushed into poverty due to inflation is a stark reminder of the fragility of economic stability and the urgent need for effective policy interventions.

The government must address the root causes of this inflation, including the depreciation of the naira and the inefficiencies in the economic system. It is crucial to implement policies that stabilize the economy, control inflation, and protect the purchasing power of the citizenry. This situation calls for a multi-faceted approach, involving monetary policy adjustments, fiscal discipline, and structural reforms.

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We advocate for a comprehensive strategy that not only addresses the immediate symptoms of inflation but also tackles the underlying issues. This includes improving the efficiency of the public sector, enhancing the productivity of the economy, and ensuring a stable and predictable macroeconomic environment. The well-being of millions of Nigerians depends on the government’s ability to navigate these economic challenges effectively.

Did You Know?

  • Inflation’s Global Impact: Inflation is a global economic challenge, affecting countries at different scales and intensities.
  • Naira’s Depreciation: The Nigerian currency, the naira, has faced significant depreciation over the years, impacting the country’s economy.
  • Poverty and Inflation: There is a direct correlation between rising inflation and increasing poverty levels, as seen in Nigeria and other countries.
  • Economic Policy’s Role: Effective economic policies are crucial in managing inflation and stabilizing a country’s economy.
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI): The CPI is a critical measure used worldwide to track inflation and its effects on the cost of living.


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