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Nigerias N1.3 Trillion Loss To Customs Waivers Revealed

Nigeria’s N1.3 Trillion Loss to Customs Waivers Revealed

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has revealed a staggering loss of about N1.3 trillion due to the granting of waivers and concessions. This disclosure was made by the Deputy Controller of Customs, Musa Mba, representing the Controller General of NCS, Adewale Adeniyi. Mba pointed out that these waivers and concessions significantly reduced potential revenue for the nation in 2023, funds that could have contributed to servicing the national debt.

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Mba suggested that it’s time to explore alternative methods of granting incentives, emphasizing the need to scrutinize this area closely. The Chairman of the Joint Committee, Senator Sani Musa, expressed concern over this development and announced that the Senate would initiate an investigation into the granting of waivers and concessions in the country.

Senator Musa criticized the continuation of concessions for cement manufacturers and sugar importation, stating that these practices prevent the country from generating the necessary revenue to bolster the economy. He stressed the importance of reviewing these waivers and making appropriate recommendations to ensure the country meets its projected revenue targets.


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At Yohaig NG, we find the revelation of Nigeria losing N1.3 trillion to customs waivers and concessions deeply concerning. This situation highlights a critical flaw in the country’s fiscal management and raises questions about the efficiency and fairness of the waiver system.

The significant loss of revenue due to these concessions is a stark reminder of the delicate balance between encouraging investment through incentives and ensuring the financial health of the nation. While waivers and concessions can be effective tools for stimulating economic growth, their impact on national revenue cannot be overlooked.

The Senate’s decision to investigate these waivers is a commendable step towards transparency and accountability. It is essential to scrutinize these concessions to determine their overall benefit to the economy versus the cost to the national treasury. This investigation should aim to establish a more equitable and effective system of incentives that supports economic growth without unduly compromising national revenue.

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The issue of waivers and concessions is a complex one, requiring a nuanced approach. The Nigerian government must strike a balance that promotes economic development while safeguarding the nation’s financial interests. The outcome of the Senate’s investigation will be crucial in reshaping the country’s approach to fiscal incentives and ensuring a more sustainable economic future.

Did You Know?

  • The Nigeria Customs Service is responsible for the collection of customs revenue and anti-smuggling efforts.
  • Waivers and concessions are often used by governments to stimulate certain sectors of the economy or to achieve specific policy goals.
  • The impact of waivers and concessions on national revenue is a subject of debate in many countries, balancing economic stimulation with fiscal responsibility.
  • The Nigerian Senate plays a vital role in overseeing national fiscal policies and ensuring accountability in government spending.
  • The effective management of customs and tax concessions is crucial for the economic stability and growth of any nation.


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