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Npan Urges President Tinubu To Accelerate Economic Reforms Post Elections

NPAN Urges President Tinubu to Accelerate Economic Reforms Post-Elections

The Newspaper Proprietors’ Association of Nigeria (NPAN) has issued a call to President Bola Tinubu and his administration to expedite economic reform programs now that the elections have concluded. This appeal was made in a communique signed by NPAN President Mallam Yusuf Kabiru and General Secretary Mrs Angela Emuwa, following their 2023 Annual General Meeting held on November 8 in Lagos.

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The NPAN emphasized the urgency of addressing the economic challenges facing Nigerians, urging the government to provide relief to the populace as swiftly as possible. The association reviewed the state of the nation, the economy, and the print media industry, expressing concerns over the lack of a robust paper culture in Nigeria, despite its large size and youthful population.

Highlighting the alarming condition of the newspaper business in Nigeria, the NPAN pointed out that no newsprint is produced locally. This situation underscores the need for the Federal Government to revise its policies on the paper industry to promote both education and the development of the newspaper sector.

The NPAN also noted a correlation between strong democracies and strong print media, stating that the poor state of the newspaper industry is indicative of a weak democratic state. They cited that the top ten best-performing economies globally combine a strong political culture with a vibrant print media.

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At Yohaig NG, we view the NPAN’s call to President Tinubu for rapid economic reforms as a crucial step towards national progress. The end of the election cycle presents an opportunity for the government to focus on the pressing economic issues that affect the daily lives of Nigerians. The NPAN’s emphasis on the need for immediate relief reflects the urgency of the economic situation in the country.

The association’s concern about the state of the print media industry in Nigeria is particularly noteworthy. A thriving print media is not only vital for a healthy democracy but also for the education and mobilisation of the populace. The absence of local newsprint production is a significant gap in the industry, hindering the growth and sustainability of print media.

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We urge the Federal Government to heed the NPAN’s recommendations and review its policies on the paper industry. Such a move would not only bolster the newspaper sector but also contribute to the educational development of the nation. Furthermore, the government should recognize the integral role of a strong and independent media in a democratic society.

The NPAN’s call for action serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of economic policies, industry development, and democratic health. The government must act swiftly and decisively to address these challenges and pave the way for a more prosperous and democratic Nigeria.

Did You Know?

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  • Nigeria’s Print Media History: Nigeria has a rich history in print media, with newspapers playing a significant role in the country’s political and social landscape.
  • Economic Reforms in Nigeria: Nigeria has undergone various economic reforms aimed at improving the economy and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.
  • Global Newsprint Production: The global newsprint industry has faced challenges in recent years, with a shift towards digital media and environmental concerns impacting production.
  • Impact of Media on Democracy: Research shows a strong correlation between a vibrant media landscape and the health of a democracy, highlighting the importance of a free and independent press.
  • Education and Media: The role of media in education is critical, with newspapers and other print media serving as important tools for information dissemination and public awareness.


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