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Rewane Highlights Disconnect Between Budget Figures And Daily Living Costs1

Rewane Highlights Disconnect Between Budget Figures and Daily Living Costs

Renowned economist Bismarck Rewane, Managing Director of Financial Derivatives Company Limited, expressed that Nigerians are mainly indifferent to budgetary figures if they don’t translate into reduced prices for essential commodities like rice, bread, and garri. Speaking on Channels Television’s Business Morning show, Rewane emphasized the need for economic policies to have a tangible impact on everyday living costs.

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Rewane’s comments came after President Bola Tinubu’s maiden budget presentation before the National Assembly, where he proposed a N27.5 trillion budget for 2024. The budget aims to ensure macroeconomic stability, poverty reduction, and greater access to social security, focusing on areas like security, job creation, and human capital development.

Despite these ambitious goals, Rewane pointed out that the general populace is more concerned with immediate economic relief than budgetary arithmetic. He noted the increasing mental health issues driven by poverty, emphasizing that people need to feel the impact of government policies in their daily lives. Rewane called for honesty from the government regarding economic realities and stressed the importance of creating a safe and clean environment to attract investors.


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The recent statement by economist Bismarck Rewane, highlighting the disconnect between government budgetary figures and the daily cost of living for Nigerians, raises critical issues about the effectiveness of economic policies. While the government’s proposed N27.5 trillion budget for 2024 focuses on critical areas such as poverty reduction and economic stability, the objective measure of its success lies in its impact on the average Nigerian’s life.

The emphasis on reducing the prices of essential commodities like rice, bread, and garri is a valid concern, reflecting the immediate needs of the populace. Economic policies and budgets must translate into tangible benefits for the people, particularly regarding the affordability and accessibility of essential goods.

Rewane’s observation about the rise in mental health issues due to poverty is a sobering reminder of the broader social implications of economic hardship. It underscores the need for holistic approaches to economic planning that consider the well-being of citizens beyond mere financial metrics.

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The government’s budgetary plans should be aligned with the practical realities of the citizens’ lives. It is crucial to ensure that economic policies are not just numbers on paper but catalysts for real and positive change in people’s lives. This alignment is essential for fostering a prosperous and healthy society.

Did You Know?

  1. Nigeria’s economy is heavily dependent on oil, which accounts for a significant portion of government revenue, making economic diversification a critical goal.
  2. The cost of living in Nigeria has been rising, with inflation impacting the prices of essential commodities, affecting the daily lives of millions of Nigerians.
  3. Mental health issues are increasingly being recognized as a significant concern in Nigeria, often exacerbated by economic pressures and poverty.
  4. The Nigerian government’s budgetary process involves balancing various economic goals, including reducing poverty, ensuring macroeconomic stability, and improving social security.
  5. Attracting foreign investment is a crucial strategy for Nigeria’s economic growth, requiring a stable and conducive business environment.


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