Asuu And Parents Rally Against Rising University Fees

ASUU and Parents Rally Against Rising University Fees

As the new academic session commences, universities across Nigeria are hiking their fees. This has led to widespread protests from the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), parents, and students. They fear that the increased fees and the country’s deteriorating economy will result in many students dropping out.

ASUU, along with parents and student associations, have expressed their concerns. They believe many students might be unable to continue their education due to these fee hikes.

The National President of ASUU, Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke, emphasized that universities shouldn’t be seen as profit-making entities.

Obafemi Awolowo University in Osun State recently announced a new fee structure. Fresh students in the Faculties of Arts, Law, and Humanities will now pay N151,200, a significant increase from previous years.

The university justified the hike, citing the rising costs of learning materials and the need to fund various university activities.

Several other universities have also increased their fees. Reasons include the rising cost of materials and the need for better funding. In 2023, institutions like Bayero University, University of Lagos, and University of Jos also announced fee increments.

Students have not remained silent. Protests have erupted in various universities, including the University of Lagos and the University of Jos. The students demand a reversal of the fee hikes and call on the government to intervene.

The National Parents Teachers Association of Nigeria has also weighed in. They’ve warned universities about the potential consequences of these fee hikes. The association believes that many students might drop out, leading to an increase in crime rates.


The recent fee hikes in Nigerian universities have sparked a significant debate about the affordability of education. While universities argue that the hikes are necessary due to increased operational costs, students and parents feel the pinch in an already challenging economic environment.

The issue’s core lies in the balance between quality education and affordability. Universities need funds to maintain standards, pay salaries, and ensure students receive the best education possible.

However, when fee hikes lead to potential dropouts, the very purpose of education is defeated.

ASUU’s involvement in the protests highlights the broader systemic issues in Nigeria’s education sector. The union, which has historically championed the rights of lecturers and the quality of education, is now joining forces with students and parents. This united front underscores the gravity of the situation.

The government’s role in this cannot be understated. Adequate funding for public universities can alleviate the need for such drastic fee hikes. Moreover, a well-funded education sector can drive research, innovation, and economic growth.

It’s a pivotal moment for Nigeria’s education sector. The decisions made now will shape the future of countless students and the country’s global competitiveness.

Did You Know?

  • The National Parents Teachers Association of Nigeria has warned about the potential increase in crime rates due to students dropping out.
  • Several universities, including the University of Lagos and the University of Jos, have witnessed student protests against the fee hikes.
  • ASUU, historically known for championing the rights of lecturers, is now joining forces with students and parents against fee hikes.
  • The government’s funding plays a crucial role in determining the fee structures of public universities.
  • The recent fee hikes have brought to light the broader systemic issues in Nigeria’s education sector.


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