Bayero University Kano Halts Exams Amid Nationwide Strike

Bayero University Kano Halts Exams Amid Nationwide Strike

Bayero University in Kano State has announced the suspension of its ongoing 2022/2023 first-semester undergraduate examinations and all other academic activities. This decision, as stated in a press release signed by the acting Registrar, Mrs Amina Abdullahi, comes in response to the nationwide strike initiated by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), which the university unions have joined.

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The university management, through the statement, advised students to remain calm and await further directives. The suspension of academic activities, including the examinations which are currently halfway through, is a direct consequence of the ongoing strike. The university assures that the examinations will resume as soon as the strike concludes, as per the statement.


The suspension of academic activities at Bayero University, Kano, in the wake of the nationwide strike by the NLC and TUC, raises significant concerns about the impact of industrial actions on Nigeria’s educational system. Strikes, while a legitimate form of protest, often have far-reaching consequences, particularly in the education sector, where they disrupt the academic calendar and the future of students.

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The decision by Bayero University to halt examinations midway is a pragmatic response to the current situation, yet it underscores the need for more resilient systems within our educational institutions. The frequent interruptions in academic activities due to strikes highlight a deeper issue within the Nigerian education system – the need for sustainable solutions to the grievances of educators and educational workers.

The government and relevant stakeholders must engage in constructive dialogue with unions to address their concerns promptly and effectively. This approach is not only crucial for the stability of the education sector but also for the future of the students whose education is repeatedly disrupted by these strikes.

There is a need for more robust contingency planning within universities to minimize the impact of such disruptions on students. The development of flexible academic schedules and the incorporation of digital learning platforms could be potential strategies to ensure continuity of learning, even in the face of industrial actions.

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Did You Know?

  • Bayero University’s History: Bayero University, Kano, has a rich history and is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.
  • Impact of Strikes on Education: Strikes in the education sector can have long-term effects on students’ academic progress and career trajectories.
  • Alternative Learning Methods: The adoption of digital and remote learning methods is becoming increasingly important in ensuring educational continuity during disruptions.
  • Dialogue in Conflict Resolution: Constructive dialogue between unions and government bodies is key to resolving conflicts and preventing strikes.
  • Resilience in Education Systems: Building resilience in educational systems is crucial for adapting to challenges and ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of education.



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