Entrepreneurship In Academia Business Leaders Call For Change

Entrepreneurship in Academia: Business Leader’s Call for Change

Dr Gideon Osi, the Chief Executive Officer of Gosima Group, has urged the Nigerian government to integrate entrepreneurial studies into the academic curriculum of tertiary institutions. This call was made during his investiture into the Governing Council of Havilla University in Abuja. Osi, who was inducted by the university’s founder and chancellor, Mr. Jones Tangban, emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship as a fundamental support base for a successful society.

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Osi’s proposal involves making entrepreneurship a compulsory component of all courses in tertiary institutions. He believes this approach will inspire undergraduates to become job creators rather than job seekers upon graduation. He stressed that the government alone cannot provide jobs for the numerous Nigerian youths; hence, the need for self-reliance through relevant entrepreneurial skills acquired during their academic journey.

The seasoned entrepreneur highlighted the need for students to understand the entrepreneurial aspects of their studies and align with mentors for practical experience. He suggested that students should spend holidays interning with companies, preparing them for the labour market and shaping their entrepreneurial mindset. Osi’s vision is to imbue students with attributes like the ability to take calculated risks, make sacrifices, and build something from nothing.

The Vice-Chancellor of Havilla University, Prof. Adewale Banjo, welcomed Osi to the council, expressing confidence in his competence and character to significantly contribute to the university’s development.

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Dr Gideon Osi’s advocacy for embedding entrepreneurial studies in tertiary institutions’ curricula is a forward-thinking approach that could revolutionize education in Nigeria. At Yohaig NG, we see this as a pivotal shift towards equipping students with the skills necessary to navigate and succeed in today’s dynamic job market.

Osi’s proposal addresses a critical gap in the current educational system, which often leaves graduates unprepared for the realities of the job market. By integrating entrepreneurship into the curriculum, students can develop a mindset geared towards innovation and self-reliance, crucial in an economy where traditional job opportunities are increasingly scarce.

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However, implementing such a change requires a holistic approach, involving curriculum development, faculty training, and industry partnerships to provide practical experiences. It also raises questions about the readiness of institutions to adapt to such changes and the potential challenges in balancing academic rigour with practical skill development.

While Osi’s call for change is commendable and necessary, it requires careful planning and execution. It presents an opportunity for educational institutions, the government, and the private sector to collaborate in creating an education system that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters the entrepreneurial spirit needed for national development.

Did You Know?

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  • Entrepreneurship Education Worldwide: Globally, there’s a growing trend in integrating entrepreneurship into higher education curricula.
  • Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economies: Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth and job creation in many countries.
  • Skills Gap in Graduates: Many graduates face a skills gap, leaving them unprepared for the modern workforce.
  • Role of Universities in Entrepreneurship: Universities are increasingly seen as incubators for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Challenges in Curriculum Integration: Integrating entrepreneurship into academic curricula presents challenges, including resource allocation and faculty training.


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