Enugu State Sets Up Committee To Investigate Colleges Alleged Mismanagement

Enugu State Sets Up Committee to Investigate College’s Alleged Mismanagement

The Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, has established a seven-member committee to delve into the operations of the state College of Education (Technical). This move comes in light of serious allegations concerning mismanagement and corrupt administrative practices within the institution and its Governing Council. One of the significant concerns is the supposed fraud linked to Bluetag Technologies, a financial entity hired to gather fees for the college, which has unresolved matters involving over N84 million.

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The committee’s objectives are multifaceted. They are tasked with verifying the claims of an improper recruitment process and examining the subsequent rise in the college’s monthly subvention. Additionally, they are expected to offer recommendations based on their discoveries, particularly concerning the concerns raised in a petition sent to the government.

The inauguration of this committee took place at the Government House, with Prof. Chidiebere Onyia, the Secretary to the State Government, representing Governor Mbah. The team comprises the Commissioner for Education, Prof. Ndubueze Mbah, as its head, with Onuora Okeke acting as Secretary. Other members include Prof. Obiamaka Egbo, Reverend Father Ikechukwu Ani, Dr. Emma Onyeabor, Edmund Ngene, and Larry Oguego.

The committee members have been encouraged to conduct a thorough investigation and put forth suitable recommendations. Prof Ndubueze Mbah, speaking for the committee, expressed gratitude to the governor for entrusting them with this responsibility. He gave assurances of their commitment to the task and promised to present their findings within the stipulated two-week period.

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The establishment of an investigative committee by the Enugu State Government is a commendable step towards transparency and accountability. Educational institutions are pillars of society, moulding the minds of the future. Any hint of corruption or mismanagement within such establishments not only jeopardises the quality of education but also erodes public trust.

The allegations against the State College of Education (Technical) are grave, and if proven true, they could have far-reaching implications. The committee needs to approach this task with an open mind, ensuring a fair and unbiased investigation. Their findings will not only shed light on the current situation but will also guide future decisions to prevent such incidents.

The involvement of a financial firm, Bluetag Technologies, further complicates the matter. Financial mismanagement in educational institutions can lead to reduced resources for students and staff, affecting the overall quality of education. It’s crucial that the committee’s investigation into this matter is thorough and leaves no stone unturned.

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We believe that the committee’s recommendations will pave the way for reforms, ensuring that such incidents do not recur. It’s also an opportunity for the state government to reinforce its commitment to transparency and good governance. We await the committee’s findings with keen interest and hope that their report will be a step towards a more transparent and accountable educational system in Enugu State.

Did You Know?

  • Enugu State, located in southeastern Nigeria, is historically known as the coal city due to its coal deposits.
  • The state’s name, “Enugu”, means “hilltop” in the Igbo language, reflecting its hilly terrain.
  • Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) was the first state-owned university in Nigeria.
  • The Awhum Waterfall in Enugu is believed to have therapeutic effects and is a popular pilgrimage site.
  • Enugu State has a rich cultural heritage, with the Nsukka and Udi Plateaus being significant archaeological sites.


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