Nbte Advocates 50 Skill Acquisition In Secondary School Curriculum

NBTE Advocates 50% Skill Acquisition in Secondary School Curriculum

The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has made a strong case for integrating skill acquisition into the secondary school curriculum. They recommend a 50% inclusion to better equip students for the future.

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Prof. Idris Bugaje, the Executive Secretary of NBTE, shared this during a chat with the News Agency of Nigeria. He highlighted the board’s new top-up programme for Higher National Diploma holders.

This allows them to pursue a Bachelor of Science in their preferred course.

Bugaje emphasised the importance of technical education and vocational training. He believes this approach will help identify and nurture potential talents into profitable ventures.

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He cited Germany’s dual system as a model. In this system, students spend time between schools and industries, gaining practical skills.

He expressed concern over the current state of tertiary education in Nigeria. Many graduates, he noted, are unfit for industries.

Bugaje suggests a shift in focus. He believes 50% of secondary school leavers should pursue skills training in polytechnics. The rest can then be divided between universities and Colleges of Education.

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The NBTE’s call for significantly including skill acquisition in the secondary school curriculum is timely and essential. As the global landscape shifts towards a more skills-based economy, Nigeria must adapt.

The traditional educational model, while valuable, often leaves graduates ill-prepared for the practical demands of the job market.

Germany’s dual system offers a blueprint for success. By blending academic learning with hands-on experience, students are better prepared for the realities of the workforce.

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This approach equips them with valuable skills and clarifies potential career paths.

For Nigeria, the benefits are twofold. Firstly, it addresses the growing unemployment issue by producing graduates ready for immediate employment.

Secondly, it fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging students to create opportunities for themselves and others.

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It’s essential, however, that this shift is not just in policy but in implementation. Proper funding, training for educators, and collaboration with industries are crucial for success.

Did You Know?

  • The NBTE is responsible for overseeing technical and vocational education in Nigeria.
  • Germany’s dual system has been instrumental in the country’s industrial success.
  • Skill acquisition can range from carpentry and plumbing to coding and graphic design.
  • Many countries are now focusing on skills over degrees to address unemployment.
  • Practical experience often gives students an edge in the competitive job market.


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