Unizik Staff Suspended Over Degree Forgery

UNIZIK Staff Suspended Over Degree Forgery

The Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) in Awka, Anambra State, has taken decisive action against one of its staff members, Nwafor Nwesuzor, for the alleged forgery of academic credentials. The university’s authorities, led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Charles Esimone, have imposed a six-month suspension on Nwesuzor, who is accused of forging his degree and National Youth Service Corps exemption certificate.

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This development was made public through a statement from Dr Emmanuel Ojukwu, the Special Adviser to the Vice Chancellor on Public Relations and Special Duties. The forgery came to light when Nwesuzor, serving as an administrative staff member, sought to alter his academic record with the university.

The case, which has now been subjected to further internal processes, began when discrepancies were noted between the name and class of degree on the original documents and those Nwesuzor attempted to submit for a change of result. The original documents bore the name Nwafor Ogbonnaya Nwesuzor with a third-class degree, while the forged ones listed him as Nwafor Osborne Ogbonnaya with a second-class lower division.

The suspension of Nwafor Nwesuzor by UNIZIK for alleged forgery is a stark reminder of the challenges facing educational integrity in Nigeria. The act of falsifying academic records not only undermines the credibility of institutions but also devalues the hard-earned qualifications of legitimate scholars.

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We stand firm in the belief that academic honesty is the cornerstone of a reputable educational system. The university’s swift response to such allegations is laudable, reflecting a commitment to uphold the highest standards of academic conduct.

However, this incident should prompt a broader reflection on the systems in place to verify academic credentials. Educational institutions must implement more rigorous checks during the hiring process to prevent such occurrences.

The pursuit of academic excellence demands that we foster an environment where integrity is non-negotiable. We commend UNIZIK for its stance and encourage all educational bodies to follow suit, ensuring that the sanctity of academic achievements is preserved.

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Did You Know?

  • Academic forgery is a significant issue in higher education, with institutions worldwide implementing various measures to combat it.
  • The National Youth Service Corps exemption certificate is issued to Nigerian graduates who are either above the age of thirty or have served in the military or security services.
  • UNIZIK, named after the first President of Nigeria, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, is one of the leading universities in the country, known for its rigorous academic standards.
  • The integrity of academic qualifications is crucial for the credibility of the workforce and the overall progress of the nation.
  • Universities often have detailed procedures for handling cases of misconduct, which can include suspension, dismissal, or revocation of degrees.



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