Electricity Companies To Restart Prepaid Meter Distribution

Electricity Companies to Restart Prepaid Meter Distribution

Electricity distribution companies are set to resume the deployment of prepaid meters under the Meter Assets Provides programme. The announcement was made by Morenikeji Amosun, the Head of Metering Team for Ikeja Electric, during a virtual stakeholders’ forum.

According to Amosun, a new batch of meters has been imported, and distribution will recommence shortly.

The company plans to clear backlogs of orders placed two to three months before processing new orders. Customers who have already paid at the old rates will not be required to make additional payments.

New orders, however, will be subject to the recently revised prices set by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The resumption of prepaid meter distribution by electricity companies is a welcome development for consumers. However, it also raises questions about the efficiency and transparency of the Meter Assets Provides programme.

The backlog of orders indicates a lack of preparedness and raises concerns about the ability to meet future demand.

Additionally, the change in meter prices could lead to consumer confusion and dissatisfaction. Clear communication from companies and regulatory bodies is essential to manage expectations and ensure a smooth transition.

The focus on clearing old orders first is a sensible approach but also highlights the need for better inventory management. The electricity companies must invest in technology and logistics to streamline the meter distribution process and avoid future backlogs.

Did You Know?

  • Nigeria has one of the largest electricity markets in Africa but also suffers from frequent power outages.
  • The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) regulates Nigeria’s electricity sector.
  • Prepaid meters allow consumers to pay for electricity in advance, helping to manage consumption more effectively.
  • Ikeja Electric is one of the largest electricity distribution companies in Nigeria.
  • The Meter Assets Provides programme aims to bridge the metering gap and enhance revenue collection for electricity companies.


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