Power Restored To Sokoto State By Transmission Company Of Nigeria

Power Restored to Sokoto State by Transmission Company of Nigeria

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has restored bulk power supply to Sokoto State. The announcement came from TCN’s General Manager of Public Affairs, Ndidi Mbah.

Mbah made the statement in Birnin Kebbi on Sunday. The restoration follows a fire incident at the Birnin Kebbi Substation last Thursday.

The power supply was reinstated through the Talata Mafara Substation. TCN’s engineering team is actively working on the site.

Efforts are underway to extend the restoration to Kebbi and other affected areas. The team is rearranging cables and transferring load to unaffected transformers.

TCN’s Managing Director, Dr Sule Abdulaziz, expressed concern over the incident. He pledged to ensure a permanent solution to bulk power supply in the area.


Restoring power to Sokoto State by the Transmission Company of Nigeria is a welcome development. It’s a crucial step in mitigating the impact of the recent fire incident at the Birnin Kebbi Substation.

However, this incident raises questions about the resilience of Nigeria’s power infrastructure. How prepared are we for such emergencies?

The quick restoration is commendable but also highlights the need for preventive measures. What steps are being taken to avoid similar incidents in the future?

The involvement of high-ranking TCN officials in the restoration process is a positive sign. It shows a commitment to resolving the issue promptly. But is this level of attention consistent across all the power-related problems in the country?

Did You Know?

  • Sokoto State is located in the extreme northwest of Nigeria and shares an international boundary with the Republic of Niger.
  • The Transmission Company of Nigeria is responsible for transmitting electricity across the country.
  • Nigeria has one of the world’s lowest electricity consumption per capita.
  • According to the World Bank, only about 55% of Nigerians have access to electricity.
  • The Nigerian power sector has been privatized since 2013, but challenges like inadequate supply and frequent outages persist.


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