Zungeru Hydro Power Plant

Zungeru Hydro Power Plant Begins Supplying 700MW to Nigeria’s National Grid

  • Engr Abubakar Aliyu, the Minister of Power, announced that the Zungeru Hydro Power plant, constructed for $1.2 billion, has begun supplying 700 Megawatts to Nigeria’s National Grid.
  • This news came after a two-day plant test run, which has now officially started operations.
  • Aliyu believes that the power sector is poised for growth, crediting the outgoing Buhari administration for laying a solid foundation.
  • The minister also highlighted progress on the Kashimbilla Electric and Siemens Power projects.

News Story

Nigeria’s Minister of Power, Engr Abubakar Aliyu, has revealed that the Zungeru Hydro Power plant, built for $1.2 billion, has started providing 700 Megawatts of power to the National Grid. The plant’s connection to the grid followed a successful two-day test run.

Aliyu shared this information at a valedictory session for him and the Minister of State Power, Mr Goddy Jedy-Agba. He expressed optimism for the future of the power sector, noting that the outgoing Buhari administration has established a solid infrastructure for continued growth.

He stated, “Today the Zungeru Hydro Electric Power Plant has become a reality. We have today joined the grid with 700MW. The testing started last night and the information reaching us is that the 700MW has gone on the grid.”

Further, the minister spoke of the progress made on the Kashimbilla Electric project, a collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources, which has also been completed.

In addition, he noted significant advancements with the Siemens Power Project, with the installation of two mega transformers ongoing.

Aliyu urged patience from the public, emphasizing that constructing power infrastructure is a lengthy process that involves stringent procurement procedures.

He concluded by stating that, in collaboration with the Minister of State, they have successfully streamlined the operations within the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.


The completion and commencement of the Zungeru Hydro Power plant’s operation mark a significant achievement in Nigeria’s power sector.

The delivery of an additional 700 Megawatts of power to the National Grid substantially boosts the nation’s power supply.

It contributes towards the goal of sustainable and reliable power for all Nigerians.

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