Nba Explains Why Singer Portable Graced Its 2023 Annual Conference

NBA Explains Why Singer Portable Graced Its 2023 Annual Conference

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) clarifies why singer Habeeb Okikiola, Portable, performed at its 2023 Annual General Conference. The association dismisses rumours that the artist was paid for the performance.

Critics had questioned the appropriateness of inviting Portable, given the association’s reputation for conservatism.

Akorede Lawal, the National Publicity Secretary of the NBA, explains Portable’s appearance was due to a partnership with entertainer Obi Cubana. The headline sponsor, Cubana Group, brought Portable as one of its brand ambassadors.

Lawal emphasizes that no payment was made to the artist.

The conference, tagged “Getting it Right,” ran from August 25 to August 30, 2023. It featured various activities and was sponsored by partners from America, Chile, and other countries.

Editorial The NBA’s Unconventional Choice: A Break from Tradition or a Misstep?

The Nigerian Bar Association’s decision to feature Portable, a famous singer, at its annual conference has sparked debate.

While some see it as a refreshing break from the association’s conservative image, others view it as diluting the profession’s gravitas.

The partnership with Obi Cubana and his Cubana Group adds another layer to the discussion. It raises questions about the influence of corporate sponsorship on professional events.

Is the NBA compromising its integrity for the sake of entertainment and sponsorship?

The NBA must tread carefully to balance tradition and modernity.

It should ensure that its choices, even if unconventional, align with the association’s core values and objectives.

Did You Know?

  • The Nigerian Bar Association is one of Africa’s most significant professional associations, with over 120,000 members.
  • Obi Cubana gained international fame for the extravagant funeral he held for his mother in July 2021.
  • Corporate sponsorships are becoming increasingly common in professional events, sometimes leading to controversial partnerships.
  • The term “Getting it Right,” the theme of the NBA’s 2023 conference, suggests a focus on ethical and professional standards.
  • Portable, the singer in question, is a brand ambassador for Odogwu Bitters, a product of the Cubana Group.


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