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Police Pursue Extended Custody for Music Legend’s Son, Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti, the offspring of the renowned late music maestro, Fela Kuti, could face an extended spell in custody.

This follows the police’s move on Tuesday morning to secure a court order for his remand, pending the conclusion of an investigation into an alleged assault on a police officer.

Seun found himself in Yaba Court 1 earlier this Tuesday morning.

Sources within the police force clarified that this course of action was imperative to avoid infringing on suspects’ constitutional maximum detention period.

Moreover, police insiders attributed the prolonged process to Seun’s resistance to writing a statement concerning the incident.

This occurred when he was summoned to the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department, SCIID, yesterday morning.

A source recounted,

“As soon as the incident transpired, the police officer lodged a complaint.

“A video has surfaced that depicts him (Seun) striking and shoving the policeman on the Third Mainland Bridge.

“Despite this, it’s insufficient to wrap up the investigation. It’s crucial for him to present his perspective as part of the inquiry.

“Nevertheless, he declined to script his statement yesterday (Monday) morning when requested.”

In response to this unfolding situation, Okechukwu Nwanguma, Executive Director, RULAAC, articulated,

“Seun’s action is indefensible and inexcusable.

“However, there exist legally defined procedures and safety measures for handling crime suspects. The police, as a superior institution, shouldn’t stoop to the level of the very suspects they apprehend for an offense.

“They ought to resist retaliation. They shouldn’t breach the law while striving to enforce it,” he appended.

Editor’s Note: The Prolonged Custody of Seun Kuti: A Test of Law and Order

The recent move by the Nigerian police to secure a court order to extend the detention of Seun Kuti, son of late music legend Fela Kuti, brings to the fore the delicate balance between law enforcement and the protection of individual rights.

Seun Kuti’s alleged assault on a police officer is a serious accusation that warrants a thorough investigation.

The police’s explanation that the request for extended detention is in line with the constitutional detention duration indicates regard for the rule of law.

However, Seun’s reluctance to provide a statement has inadvertently complicated the process.

While the video evidence of the alleged assault provides compelling evidence, the police must continue their investigation by the book.

To ensure a fair and balanced conclusion, the police must hear Seun’s side of the story.

Unfortunately, his refusal to provide a statement creates a roadblock.

Okechukwu Nwanguma, Executive Director of RULAAC, sums up the situation aptly: the police must not descend to the level of crime suspects nor act with a vengeance.

They must adhere strictly to the law in their enforcement duties.

This is a crucial reminder to all law enforcement agencies in Nigeria.

The police must be patient, thorough, and impartial in their investigation.

On the other hand, the public must be vigilant and continue to demand transparency and fairness from law enforcement agencies.

This situation reminds those in power that the fight for justice is not just about apprehending suspects but also about ensuring the law’s sanctity is upheld.

The law must guide the law enforcers.

The future of law and order in Nigeria depends on it.

Did You Know?

Did you know that, according to the World Prison Brief, Nigeria has one of the highest pre-trial detention rates in the world?

As of 2021, over 70% of Nigeria’s prison population awaited trial.

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