Singer Portables Nba Concert Sparks Controversy Walkouts

Singer Portable’s NBA Concert Sparks Controversy, Walkouts

The Nigerian Bar Association’s (NBA) recent ‘Unbarred’ concert stirred up controversy on social media. The event featured a surprise performance by singer Portable, known for his controversial persona.

The concert occurred at the Velodrome of the MKO Abiola Stadium and was hosted by Timi Agbaje.

Social media users expressed mixed feelings about Portable’s appearance. Some criticized the NBA for choosing such a controversial artist, questioning the association’s judgment.

Others, however, stayed to enjoy the performance.

A video surfaced, allegedly showing lawyers walking out during the concert. However, some claim the walkout was not due to Portable’s performance but a separate session on the ‘Rule of Law and the Military.’

The ‘Unbarred’ concert is part of the NBA’s annual conference. It is the grand closing party and has featured artists like 2baba, Wande Coal, and Teni in previous editions.


The Fine Line Between Entertainment and Professionalism in Legal Circles

The NBA’s decision to feature Portable in their ‘Unbarred’ concert has raised questions about the balance between entertainment and professionalism.

While the concert aims to provide a relaxed atmosphere for legal professionals, the choice of artist this year has been divisive.

Portable is a controversial figure, and his inclusion in an event aimed at legal professionals is puzzling.

It begs the question: What message is the NBA trying to send?

The association must consider the implications of their choices, especially when they have the potential to polarize their members.

The alleged walkout by some lawyers, whether related to Portable or not, indicates a disconnect between the NBA’s intentions and its members’ expectations.

The association needs to reevaluate its approach to ensure future events are both entertaining and in line with the professional standards expected of the legal community.

Did You Know?

  • The Nigerian Bar Association is one of the largest professional bodies in Africa, with over 120,000 registered members.
  • Portable, whose real name is Okikiola Habeeb, gained fame through social media and is known for his street-pop genre.
  • The ‘Unbarred’ concert is a relatively new addition to the NBA’s annual conference, aimed at providing a relaxed atmosphere for attendees.
  • Previous editions of the ‘Unbarred’ concert have featured more mainstream artists, making Portable’s inclusion a departure from the norm.
  • The NBA’s annual conference is a significant event in Nigeria’s legal calendar, attracting professionals from various sectors.


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